Okay, I admit it – I got the idea for this workout from Pinterest.  (Do you follow me on Pinterest, by the way?  I joined a million years ago and kind of puttered around with it, then stopped using it, and now I’ve just re-discovered that it’s awesome!  Come hang out with me!)  You just never know where you’ll find inspiration for a workout, but a website that seems to be completely full of photos of exercises is a pretty good bet.  🙂

Let me tell you right up front that this was not an easy workout!  I put it on the “Intermediate Workouts” playlist because, even though it’s not a long workout and it doesn’t have any jumping or jarring, it is a real challenge.  And, as you can see from the photo above, it involves some inversions, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

You can follow along in real time with the video below, or take this breakdown with you to the gym.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the exercises!

WALL WORKOUT Intense FULL BODY Bodyweight Routine to Get STRONG and LEAN Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

WALL WORKOUT | Intense FULL BODY Bodyweight Routine to Get STRONG and LEAN

Do each exercise 10x and repeat the circuit 3x.

  • Crunches (feet up the wall)
  • Foot Walkers (plank position)
  • Wall Pikes (plank position)
  • Bridge Walkers (bridge position)
  • Single Arm Pushup/Pushoffs (standing)
  • Split Squats (standing)
  • Single Leg Bridge Thrusts (bridge position)
Finisher:  Single Leg Foot Walkers (10x each side)

Can’t see the video below?  Click here:  https://youtu.be/rLLw0njv_8E


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