LOW IMPACT Cardio Endurance Workout

Sometimes, as a personal trainer – and by “sometimes,” I mean all. the. time. – I have to ask people to do things that they’d really rather not do. I mean, that’s sort of why you hire a personal trainer, right? To make you work out, to tell you that you’re eating crap, etc. So, at this point, I’ve developed a little bit of a thick skin about the complaining that I’m likely to hear when I make an unpopular request. But every now and again, I still worry that I’m asking too much. This is that sort of “too much” workout. It’s HARD. Both physically and mentally. But mostly mentally.

I like to do endurance sports.  I’ve done triathlon and duathlon, and run quite a few marathons and ultras.  So I’m no stranger to that place you have to go in your mind to get you through a long day of physical work.  But I’ll tell you that this workout was tough for me, too!  At the end of the day, though, you will be SO glad that you did it!  Follow along with the video below if you’d like some company for the journey, or check out this breakdown.

LOW IMPACT CARDIO Endurance Workout for Mental Strength and Physical Toughness Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

LOW IMPACT CARDIO | Endurance Workout for Mental Strength and Physical Toughness

Do each of the following exercises 100x.

  • Toy Soldiers (both sides together count as “1”)
  • Goofy Jacks (50 on each side for 100 total)
  • Overhead to Side Knees (both sides together count as “1”)
  • Flying Fast Ups (50 on each side for 100 total)
  • Curtsy Lunge to Side Kick (50 on each side for 100 total)
  • Mountain Walkers (50 on each leader leg for 100 total)

Finisher:  Hold a 100-second Plank

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/9TbCv9K9OVE


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