Sometimes I’m in a little bit of a hurry to squeeze in a good sweaty workout, and I have found that kettlebells are just the answer I’m always looking for.  The complex hip hinge movements you need to manipulate the kettlebell are great for strengthening your abs and glutes, and the exercises even pack a bit of a cardiovascular wallop as well.  Can’t go wrong with that combination!

This workout is pretty simple as far as structure, and there’s even a bit of a warm up in the first round (though you might prefer to do a more thorough one on your own, which is linked in the video).  The moves, however, might take a little practice to master.

Feel free to follow along with the free workout video below, or watch to check on form before taking this breakdown with you on-the-go.  Have a question?  Leave me a comment!

Quick KETTLEBELL for BEGINNERS Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

Quick KETTLEBELL for BEGINNERS | 20 Minute Full Length Workout Routine

Round One – complete each exercise 5x, Round Two – complete each exercise 10x, Round Three – complete each exercise 15x, Round Four – complete each exercise 10x, Round Five – Complete each exercise 5x

  • Slingshots (do full amount in each direction)
  • Two-Handed Swings
  • Bent Over Rows (do full amount on each side)
  • Reverse Lunge Figure 8s (do full amount on each side)
  • High Pulls (do full amount on each side)

Finisher:  45 Lat Pullovers with a Toe Reach

Click here to watch on YouTube if you’re having trouble viewing the video below:  https://youtu.be/zHUwLsvVyLw


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