Killer CORE Challenge Workout for RUNNERS

This workout is my favorite kind – super simple, and yet, oh, so challenging!  The workout structure is the simple part, meaning that it’s uncomplicated:  five exercises, we do each one for five reps, and the whole circuit five times.  Boom!  Easy!


The exercises are where it gets a little tough.  🙂  I deliberately chose single-sided exercises for this workout video because working bilaterally always reminds me that one side of my body is stronger than the other (which is exactly why I do workouts like this – to strengthen my non-dominant side).  These five exercises will challenge your balance and stabilizer muscles, as well as strengthening your abs and glutes.

Killer CORE Challenge Workout for RUNNERS Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

Killer CORE Challenge Workout for RUNNERS | Strengthen ABS + GLUTES to Prevent Injury and Run Faster

Do each exercise 5x (per side), complete the circuit 5x.

  • Pointer Dog Push Ups
  • Side Plank Cross Crunches
  • Half Boat Leg Raises
  • Single Leg Plank to Pike
  • Single Leg Bridge Heel-to-Toes

Finisher:  50 second Plank Hold

Watch this video if you’d like to follow along with me in real time.  Click here to watch on YouTube if the video doesn’t show:


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