Low Impact CARDIO + Standing ABS | 12 Days of HIITmas Day TWO

How’s your December going – Busy?  Crazy?  Sweaty?  🙂  I can’t save you from the first two, but that last one?  I am totally your girl.

It’s the Twelve Days of HIITmas!  Twelve days, 12 new HIIT workouts, and they’re all just 12 minutes long.

Today, for the second day of HIITmas (check out the 1st Day of HIITmas here), I grabbed a handful of my favorite low impact (no jumping, easy on your knees, easy on your downstairs neighbors) cardio moves and paired them with some killer standing abs exercises.  Which, as you know, are actually all balance exercises.  So, yeah.  This one’s a nice little sweat in a cozy 12 minute package, and you don’t even need any equipment!

You can follow along in real time with the video below, or print out this breakdown and take it with you on the go.  Either way, make sure you snap a photo and enter the Instagram contest!

Low Impact CARDIO + Standing ABS | 12 Days of HIITmas Day TWO

Set your timer for 20-second intervals.  Do both exercises in the pair before taking a 20 second rest, repeat each pair twice before moving on.

  • Overhead to High Knees + Crane Kicks
  • Goofy Jacks + Star Balance
  • Alley Oops + Side Kicks
  • Reverse Lunge and Kick + Drinky Bird Hold (2x on left leg)
  • Reverse Lunge and Kick + Drinky Bird Hold (2x on right leg)
  • Rainbow Jacks + Standing Crunches

Finisher:  20 seconds of Toy Soldiers

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/eYOGEX5mYns


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