This isn’t Profound, But it *IS* Pretty Funny

Do you have a favorite workout outfit?  Something that you wear when you want to feel fierce and get in a great sweat?

Well, apparently, I do.

Wanna know how I know?  Here’s how:

I’ve spent the last few weeks working my new Killer B Workout Guides, putting together workout routines that are simple to follow and take all the guesswork out of getting the results you’re looking for.  So far, I have three of them:  Unleash Your Inner Athlete for new exercisers, Twelve Weeks to Your First 5K for new runners, and my newest one, The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body, which is a more advanced Guide that targets fat loss and body sculpting with more intermediate level workouts.

When I was working on Unleash Your Inner Athlete, I noticed that putting all the workouts together visually with the thumbnails laid out in tiles on a calendar really made it seem like I had a small workout wardrobe, but I didn’t worry about it much.

You might be surprised to know exactly how much, in general, I think about the topic of my workout clothing, because it’s a lot.

As in, every time I go to record a new workout, I check what I wore for my most recent video.  And I check what I wore on the last video of the same type (like ab workout or low impact workout, etc.), because I don’t want the playlist to look like I only wear one shirt.  And since I have a few shirts that look alike at a glance, but are in fact different, I try not to wear them too close together, either.

I told you, I think about this a lot.

I mean, I own at least twenty tank tops that I run or work out in, but a good dozen of them are either wildly unflattering or simply don’t show up on camera very well (I’m talking about you, striped tank top).  So, that puts me somewhere in the 8-10 shirts to choose from range, and therefore makes it somewhat unsurprising that they seem like they show up a lot.

But, oh my goodness!

When I was working on the new Killer Body Guide, I just had to laugh.

When I started the project, I arranged all the workouts by week in Microsoft’s One Note, importing all the titles and links (but not photos) from YouTube, and then laid the workouts out on a calendar to make sure that each week had a good amount of cardio, strength, and core work.  I watched out for too many HIIT workouts in a row (can there be too many? Lol!), or too many low intensity days.  I tried to visualize the workouts to make sure you wouldn’t be too sore from one day to the next.  I thought about the variety of each week, not wanting too many dumbbell or kettlebell workouts in a row.  I paid attention to the length of the workouts and the intensity level, so the progression from Week One to Week Fourteen would be steady (though not exactly linear, because a good training program actually includes some regression to help the body recover and adapt).

Seriously, I thought about everything!

Except my clothes.

14 Weeks to YOUR Killer Body, a workout guide to sculpt, shape and tone your body from Pahla B Fitness

When I went to put everything together visually in the final PDF version, with the thumbnails and links and titles, I just kept cracking up!  The same three outfits showed up over and over and over.  There were weeks when, if I had left the program as originally planned, you would see the same shirt three or more times in just six days.  It was hilarious!

This is a sneak peek from Week Seven.  As you can see, I’m wearing a pink shirt four of the six days – the same one on Tuesday and Wednesday, then another one on Thursday and Friday.  And this is one of the less repetitious weeks!

I left some of the calendar unchanged, but there were a few weeks that I completely rearranged.  It was just too much.

I couldn’t help but think about it, and I decided that there must be some psychological factor at work here.  I mean, I know I own a lot of pink workout gear in general, but why pink on super intense days and green for nearly every single strength training workout in the program?

Apparently, pink is my power color.  🙂

Also?  I’m going shopping today.


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