30 Minute CARDIO, AGILITY + CORE Bodyweight HIIT | Full Length, Fast Fat Burn Workout at Home

The word agility is a little intimidating, isn’t it?

It calls to mind pictures of super tough athletes, running through car tires or doing that fast foot-switch move that makes me think I’d trip over my own feet.

So, trust me, I totally understand that when I throw a little agility into a workout, it might give you pause, but here’s why you should get excited any time you see that word in the title of one of my videos:  I’m not super agile myself, so this is beginner agility (which means you can do it, too)!

Oh, yeah, and it’s good for you.

Agility is basically just high speed balance work, so it’s great for your core strength and a terrific challenge for your feet, ankles and knees.  It helps you improve your coordination and proprioception (a really long word which essentially means that your brain knows and can control where your body is in space).  Agility work is one of the best ways to train for power and quickness, and let’s not discount the fact that it’s great training for your mind, too – building confidence while engaging your brain in the workout (there’s definitely no zoning out while doing agility work!).

And last, but certainly not least, agility is just plain ol’ fun!

This HIIT workout is one part low impact cardio, one part fast and furious agility and one part brutal core strength, making it 30 minutes of super sweat.  And you – yes, you – are athletic enough to take this on!


30 Minute CARDIO, AGILITY + CORE Bodyweight HIIT Workout Breakdown from Pahla B Fitness

30 Minute CARDIO, AGILITY + CORE Bodyweight HIIT | Full Length, Fast Fat Burn Workout at Home


Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: Warm up is BUILT IN, cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time: 32 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout: Cardio exercise burns calories and fat while boosting your metabolism and mood; agility is essentially high speed balance work, which means you’re building abdominal strength and quickness; working on core strength with an elevated heart rate is particularly challenging and perfect for building functional fitness

This WORKOUT is Good For: Exercisers with some cardio or agility experience

MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; complete each mini-circuit 4x before moving on to the next):

CIRCUIT #1 – CARDIO (Built-in warm up)

  • Side Shuffles
  • Windmills
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Goofy Jacks
  • Frog Reaches


  • Ice Skater Jumps with Crane Kick
  • Single Leg Lateral Hops with Jumping Jacks
  • Scissor Jumps
  • Reverse Lunge to Jump Up
  • Rocking Horse Jumps


  • Tripod Jacks
  • Tabletop Crunch and Extend
  • Plank Foot Walkers
  • V-Sit Heel Reaches
  • Mermaid Tails

FINISHER (complete two sets on each side without rest):

  • Side Plank Cross Body Crunches + Side Plank Hold

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/FSZCm54Ht9E



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