BODYWEIGHT METCON with Music | Effective 20 Minute CARDIO + STRENGTH Workout for Fat Loss

You know, if this Back to (old) School August theme has taught me anything, it’s this:  2014 was just awkward for Pahla B workouts.  My intros were rambling, the camera work was pretty hit-or-miss, and I talked both too much and too little!

Case in point on that last item:  while I was editing today’s Bodyweight MetCon workout, I chopped out well over a minute of me yammering between exercises (mostly explanation, but also some world-class stalling while I caught my breath – ha!), and yet, had to add music to the main workout because I barely spoke at all while I was moving!

The end result of the editing, though, is a really nicely challenging 17 minute workout that moves along at a brisk pace and has a peppy, energetic beat.  I’m really enjoying being able to go back and “fix” these old workouts, because they’re still really good workouts!  This MetCon combines high heart rate, high intensity and high volume cardio work (think 100 Jumping Jacks) with high volume bodyweight strength exercises (yes, Push Ups) for the perfect blend of functional fitness, fat loss and fun.  We’re burning somewhere between 150-200 calories and building lean muscle tone, too.

Feel free to follow along with the video below or take this breakdown with you.  This one is super easy to duplicate literally anywhere, since there’s no timer and no equipment.  Leave a comment if you have questions!

BODYWEIGHT METCON Workout Breakdown from Pahla B Fitness

BODYWEIGHT METCON with Music | Effective 20 Minute CARDIO + STRENGTH Workout for Fat Loss


Equipment:  NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down:  NOT INCLUDED

Complete each exercise for the number of reps indicated, there’s no repeat (unless you want to!):

100 Jumping Jacks

25 Squats

100 Mountain Climbers

25 Push Ups

100 Rockettes

25 Sit Ups

100 (seconds, counted loosely) Fast Feet

25 Burpees


10 seconds each (again, counted loosely) Plank Hold, Left Side Plank Hold, Plank Hold, Right Side Plank Hold, Plank Hold

Can’t see the workout below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:




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