You want to get started working out without going to a gym
You want to lose weight and love your body
You want to get stronger, leaner + more confident


So what would it take to make you ❤ your workout?

(and get those ^^^ results!)


Being able to exercise at home (maybe even in your jammies?  I’m not judging)?  Check 

Easy-to-follow workout videos with plenty of verbal and visual instruction?  Check 

A super friendly and totally not perfect trainer who never yells at you or insists that you need to give more?  Definite check ✅

Some guidance about how to start exercising and what to do next?  You betcha (check) ✅

Common sense and practical advice about living a fit life without giving up your actual life?  Now we’re talking (check-a-rooni) ✅

Hi, I’m Pahla B,

and it’s nice to meet you!  I’m not really your typical online fitness trainer.  There’s no yelling during my exercise videos, but there is a lot of chatting and more than the normal amount of laughing.  I think working out should be FUN!  I make real workouts with real sweat and real mistakes.  I don’t believe in feeding you some fantasy about being perfect.

Here’s something I totally believe, though:  YOU ARE AMAZING.

Losing weight and getting fit at home can seem like a lonely, losing battle.  There is an endless supply of shiny, perky, unattainably fit girls who make your goals seem far, far away.  But what if you’re *ahem* my age or have a lot of weight to lose?

You’ve got me on your team.  A normal, regular (middle aged) mom with wonky balance who went from serious sloth to running ultramarathons.  The ultimate “If I can do it, so can you” story.

My greatest passion in life is to help women like you unleash the inner athlete buried deep inside (maybe really deep – mine was stuck under a layer of chub and low self-esteem for years).

And how do I do that, exactly?


(This is just one of them ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ – there are over 400 more!)

Over 400 free, full-length follow along workout videos available to you 24/7!  Choose your own daily workouts based on equipment, duration, workout type or level.

You have the freedom to meet your goals your way with a huge variety of efficient exercises and fun workout styles.

Popular workouts include low impact cardio, dumbbell strength training, cardio toning, kettlebell training, HIIT, and seated workouts.


Step-by-step workout programs guide you safely to your goals with effective workouts arranged for maximum results. Choose from different plans based on your current fitness level, preferred workout style or desired outcome.

Workouts are laid out in calendar form, eliminating guesswork (and excuses!) from your exercise routine.

Build killer strength, lose weight without jumping, or run your first 5K in 12 weeks!


Need a boost to reach your next level of fitness, and ready to go beyond a basic plan?  One-on-one coaching with Pahla B is exactly what you’re looking for.

Athletes at every level (even brand new beginners!) can use expert advice from an experienced professional.

Together, we’ll dig deep to set achievable goals and create a practical, actionable plan for your progress.  Get ready to amaze yourself with excellence!


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