#realtalk:  It takes time and consistency to lose fat, shape your body and tone up.  So stop with the spaghetti training (you know, the kind where you’re sort of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks) and start with a plan.

These workout programs are fun, fast, and … well, they’re not easy. But they’re not crazy hard, either.  🙂

They’re just right.  And just right for YOU.

(Click the image for more info about these easy-to-use eBooks.  Each one includes everything you need to get moving and get fit – comprehensive plans with clickable links to the free, follow-along workouts, healthy eating guidelines and LOTS of motivation and support from me!)

30 Day No Jumping Jump Start - the perfect workout program for BEGINNERS.  No equipment, no jumping, no transitions to the ground.  Jump Start your fitness today!
Simple Solutions 6-week workout program for new exercisers.  Build your confidence and your fitness with SIMPLE workouts and friendly company.
Learn to RUN at HOME, complete INDOOR RUNNING exercise program.  You don't need to leave your house to learn how to RUN.  Twelve week plan starts with simple walking workouts and progresses safely to sustained running.  At HOME!
12 Weeks to your First 5k, a complete guide for beginning runners.  Self-paced walking and running workouts plus essential core training equals your running success!
The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body is eight weeks of FUN workouts, designed to get you in YOUR best shape.  The perfect blend of cardio, strength, HIIT and recovery for exercisers who want to kick their fitness up a notch.
Busy BEE workout plan is eight weeks of quick, sweaty + FUN workouts that don't take a lot of time.  Get fit FAST with efficient HIIT and MetCon training.
Killer Core for RUNNERS will get you running faster, stronger and injury-free with just 8 weeks of quick + tough core strengthening workouts.  The perfect complement to your current running program, these routines take very little time for fabulous results.
High Intensity, LOW Impact workout program includes a tough + sweaty mix of cardio, strength, HIIT and MetCon for maximum body-shaping results.  All without jumping!
First Timers 10k is a self-paced training guide with everything you need to successfully complete your first 6.2-mile race!  Comprehensive running plan, core training and lots of encouragement to speed you on your way.
Serious Sweat is seriously sweaty!  When you've got goals to reach, you need challenging workouts that will push you past your limits.  Get body-shaping results in just 8 weeks!
MAX Muscle is a strength-lover's dream, with 6 weeks of INTENSE muscle-changing workouts meant to re-shape your body and your mind.
Get STARTED, free 14-day workout plan for new exercisers.

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