35 Minute Low Impact CARDIO TABATA + Upper Body STRENGTH Workout | Includes Warm Up and Cool Down

New year, new workout, and this one is a real humdinger, let me tell ya!  🙂

I was super excited to film this workout for a couple of reasons – first, I had taken a week off from workouts (other than running) and I was SO ready to get back to it; and second, I was very curious about trying out this Tabata + strength style workout, since it’s different from anything I’ve done before.  Spoiler alert, it was awesome!

At the end of December, I announced that I would be making all Low Impact workouts this month, for something I’m calling “No Jumping January,” and the response was so enthusiastic and positive!

I’m really looking forward to continuing to challenge myself this year to make new and exciting workouts that you guys love.  More Low Impact, more experimentation with styles and protocols, and more Workout Guides to tie all the elements together for you – 2016 is going to be a fantastic year!

This workout doesn’t need any equipment other than a timer.  I’ve rated it as Beginner + because of all the push ups, but you can modify those by using an elevated surface.  If you follow along with the exercise video, I included a full body warm up as well as some post-workout cool down stretching, both of which I highly recommend for every workout.

35 Minute Low Impact CARDIO TABATA + Upper Body STRENGTH Workout | Includes Warm Up and Cool Down

Set your timer for intervals of 20 seconds (work) and 10 seconds (rest).  For the cardio exercises, complete eight work intervals in a row before moving on to the next exercise.  The strength exercises are performed for reps, not time, as noted.

  • Frog Reaches (cardio) + 25 Push Ups (strength)
  • Swinging Soldiers, 4 rounds on each side (cardio) + 20 Cobra Push Ups (strength)
  • Double Knees (cardio) + 15 Bumper Push Ups, a/k/a Up ‘n Downs (strength)
  • V-Taps (cardio) + 10 Spiderman Push Ups (strength)
  • Goofy Jacks (cardio) + Built-In Finisher:  5 Divebomber Push Ups (strength)

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/xy_gHVXlizw


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