No Repeat CARDIO + STRENGTH | Fun 30 Minute Full Body Conditioning Workout without Equipment

I have the sweetest, kindest YouTube viewers that a person could ask for.  You guys leave the best comments and always seem to have something wonderful and supportive to say.  I occasionally read the comments on other people’s YouTube videos and I know that I am lucky beyond measure to not have to deal with “Internet trolls” on my channel.

Every now and again, I’ll remove a spam comment, but I would say 99% of my comments are friendly and have something nice to say.  The other 1%?  Well, let’s call them “constructive criticism.”  🙂

The most common complaint is that I talk too much.  Guilty as charged and not going to change!

Once, though, a viewer left me a comment telling me that Tabata workouts are “boring” because they’re so repetitive.  Again, guilty as charged.  Tabata workouts are very repetitive!  But it got me to thinking…

What if I made a workout that didn’t repeat?

So I did!  And here it is, the No Repeat Bodyweight Cardio and Strength Workout also known as 21 Things 21 Times.  Because we’re doing 21 exercises for 21 reps each, of course.

I originally recorded this workout back in July of 2014 and it’s still one of my favorites!  It’s very beginner-friendly and really gets in a full body workout.  We’ve got a nice mix of cardio, strength, and core stability to burn about 200 calories (more or less – actual calories burned depends on your weight, current fitness and effort level), boost your metabolism, build some lean muscle and put you in a good mood.

But if it doesn’t float your boat?  Leave me a comment and maybe you’ll help me create another new workout!  🙂

No Repeat Bodyweight CARDIO + STRENGTH Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

No Repeat CARDIO + STRENGTH | Fun 30 Minute Full Body Conditioning Workout without Equipment


Equipment:  NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down:  Warm up is BUILT-IN, cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time:  30 minutes

MAIN WORKOUT (complete each exercise 21x):

Arm Circles
High Knees
Goofy Jacks
Toy Soldiers
Side Lunges
Push Ups
Plank Jacks
Flying Fast Ups
Jumping Jacks
Squatty Stepbacks
Mountain Climbers
Star Jumps
Spiderman Sprawls
Ice Skaters
Side Scoops
Heel Touches
Cross Body Crunches

22-second Plank Hold

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:



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