Hi! I'm Pahla B,
your best middle-aged fitness friend.

Are you ready to make PEACE with your MENOPAUSAL body? It’s completely possible and I can show you how! Together, we’ll find your healthy weight with my proven weight loss program, The 5-0 Method, which is specifically designed for women over 50.



All of a sudden–like, overnight?–everything we used to do in our 20s, 30s and even our 40s to drop a couple of pounds just isn’t working anymore. We’re cranking up the cardio and eliminating all the carbs, but somehow the scale keeps going UP.

Oh, yeah, plus we’ve got skyrocketing anxiety (thanks, fluctuating hormones!) and an endless stream of “monkey chatter” in our brains, telling us we must not be doing enough if this amount of work isn’t getting us results.


Menopause is changing your body, and that means it’s time to change your weight loss strategy. That’s why I created The 5-0 Method, where every day, we do FIVE simple things that make you say, “OH! I didn’t know weight loss could be this easy!”

It works like MAGIC, but honestly? It’s as sensible and practical as managing your mind and moving your body.

Managing your mind? Is that a thing?

It is! And it’s more important than you realize. In fact, it’s the thing that guarantees your weight loss success. My friend, managing your mind is the life skill you never learned in school, and other fitness trainers aren’t talking to you about it, either.

But I am.

(Hang out with me for a while and you’ll notice that I talk about managing your mind–and other things–a lot! 😂 )

Managing your mind is as simple as finding your thoughts then deciding if they’re helpful, and as complicated as… well, life. And that’s why I made these resources to help.

    And What About Moving Your Body?

    I’ve definitely got you covered here! For years I’ve been on YouTube creating free full-length, follow-along workouts for women over 50, and THIS is the place to get started with a fun and effective routine.

    These exercise videos are:

    • Low Impact (no jumping)
    • All standing
    • Easy to follow, and
    • Perfect for weight loss

    Quick, Inspiring & Informative Videos to Help You Manage Your Mind and Move Your Body