Get fit at home with a trainer who gets it

☑  Exercise in the comfort of your living room (maybe even in your jammies - I'm not judging!) with your own bodyweight or a variety of equipment

☑  Easy to follow, full-length workout videos with plenty of verbal and visual instruction

☑  500+ routines to choose from, with a huge variety that's perfect for all fitness levels

☑  A super friendly and totally not perfect trainer who never yells or insists that you need to give more

☑  Guidance about how to start exercising and what to do next

☑  The most supportive fitness community on the internet

☑  Common sense and practical advice about living a fit life without giving up your actual life


Hi! I'm Pahla B,

personal trainer, functional fitness specialist, health coach and YouTuber.  My philosophy on fitness is simple:

When you love your workout, everything else falls into place.

You don't need fads, fixes or jump starts to lose weight and feel confident.  You just need to enjoy what you're doing to get any result you're looking for.  I used to hate exercising, but now I consider myself the ultimate "If I can do it, so can you" story.  Learn more about what changed for me here