Pahla B, your best fitness friend, with over 600 follow-along home workouts free on YouTube!
Pahla B, your best fitness friend, with over 600 FREE home workouts on YouTube

Hi, I'm Pahla B. Welcome to my living room.

Yes, my actual living room.  I'm not the kind of television trainer who works out on a spacious, perfectly put-together set with multiple takes to get it "just right."

I exercise at HOME, with my pets wandering around and the phone ringing.  Sometimes I stumble, forget to count or mess up the exercises.

I talk a LOT.

And I laugh a lot, too.

I firmly, totally, 100% believe that you can meet all of your fitness goals from the comfort of YOUR living room.

You know why?

Because I did!

I definitely didn't grow up fit, but here I am in mid-life, running ultramarathons and exercising as a career. I consider myself the ultimate "If I can do it, so can you" story. 

Get to know all about me here ➡

Your fitness dreams and desires start with a PLAN.

Daily workouts laid out for you like a calendar, friendly encouragement, and #realtalk coaching to get you past the tough parts.  These simple, step-by-step workout programs are designed for every level, every goal, every body.  You can start from scratch, learn to run, build muscle, lose weight, squeeze it into a busy day, or re-shape your body.  At HOME.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie jogger, you'll love the Let's RUN podcast!  Every Tuesday, we talk about the fitness matters that matter to you - solving weight loss issues, learning to run longer distances, telling stories from the finish line and so much more.

And while we're talking?  We're getting a great workout with walk-run intervals!

You can follow along with me in your living room on YouTube, or download the audio-only podcast from your favorite platform to take with you on the go:


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