Pahla B, Weight Loss Coach for Women over 50

Hi! I'm Pahla B,
weight loss coach for women over 50

and your best middle-aged fitness friend. Are you ready to make peace with your menopausal body? It’s completely possible and I can show you how! Download my free weight loss program for women over 50, The 5-0 Method, and get started today.



All of a sudden, everything you used to do in your 20s, 30s and even your 40s to drop a couple of pounds just isn’t working anymore. You’re doing daily cardio and eliminating all the carbs, but somehow the scale keeps going UP.

Oh, yeah, plus you’ve got skyrocketing anxiety (thanks to those fluctuating hormones) and an endless stream of “monkey chatter” in your brain, telling you you’ve got to “eat less and move more” to get results.


Menopause is changing your body, and that means it’s time to change your weight loss strategy. The 5-0 Method will show you the path to diet freedom and scale success by working with your body’s hormones instead of against them.

It works like magic, but it’s as sensible and practical as managing your mind and moving your body.

Managing your mind: the real secret to your weight loss success

You’ve been told your whole life that weight loss is all about eating less and moving more, so when the dreaded “menopause weight gain” came around, you thought for sure you knew what to do. More cardio? Check! Fewer calories? Sure thing!

But when that didn’t work (and you maybe even gained more weight because of it!), you started to wonder if maybe there was something wrong with you.

I promise, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s just a skill you haven’t learned yet: managing your mind.

Weight loss at any age starts with your brain. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t go first, which is why forcing yourself to follow diet and exercise programs just doesn’t work. The simple mindset management process I teach in The 5-0 Method will help you end your battle with the scale once and for all.

Moving Your Body: Weight loss workouts are different for women over 50

Now that you’re in menopause, working out harder makes weight loss harder instead of easier. Your changing hormones have changed the exercise game!

Working with your body’s menopausal needs means prioritizing recovery and enjoying moderation — which you won’t find with those generic exercise plans created by 30-something trainers! That’s why I’ve included two full months of full-length, follow-along workouts in The 5-0 Method.

Weight Loss Workouts for Women Over 50