10-20-30 CORE Killer CARDIO | 30 Minute High Intensity CARDIO ABS Workout for Fat Loss

There was a point in this workout where I thought to myself, “Oh, dear, what have I done?”  I was already almost ten minutes into it, though, so I didn’t want to quit and start over.  But believe me, I considered it.

And that’s kind of all you need to know about this workout, isn’t it?  🙂

I was introduced to the 10-20-30 style of training over in The Killer B Hive (my super fun and very supportive Facebook Group that you should totally join) by my girl Amy, who suggested it after reading an article about how runners could use the protocol to build speed.  Of course I was intrigued, and implemented it right away in a running workout, which was so fun that I immediately started to dream up new ways of using it.

The result has been some very, very sweaty cardio workouts that make the first running workout seem very tame in comparison!  (Check out all the 10-20-30 workouts in this playlist)

This fabulous workout clocks in just over 30 minutes – including a brief warm up – and needs no equipment, but packs a real wallop.  The secret sauce is the 10-20-30 method:  you’re doing 30 seconds of lower intensity work, then 20 seconds of medium intensity exercise, then 10 seconds of all-out intensity before going right back to the 30 seconds interval.  There’s NO REST.  At all.  This is pure fat-burning, calorie crushing, sweat pouring cardio!

Oh, and did I mention the ABS?

Yeah, the exercises I chose for this workout all focus on high heart rate balance and stability, as well as some crunching, twisting and jumping, which all adds up to some serious abdominal work!

Check out the breakdown below or follow along in real time with the full length exercise video.


10-20-30 CORE Killer CARDIO | 30 Minute High Intensity CARDIO ABS Workout for Fat Loss

Level: INTERMEDIATE (lots of planking, lots of jumping, quick transitions and NO REST at all)

Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: Brief warm up is included and also LINKED, cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time: 32 minutes, including the warm up

PURPOSE of the Workout: High intensity cardio burns calories and fat, boosts your metabolism and mood, and builds confidence as well as cardiovascular health and endurance; abdominal exercises increase your functional fitness and core strength

This WORKOUT is Good For: Experienced exercisers looking for a quick but challenging workout

Where I was SORE the Next Day: Dude. My abs. This was like a “Please don’t make me laugh” sore. Also, my shoulders reminded me that five minutes of planking is not my daily routine.

WARM UP (untimed):
Side Stepping with Arm Swing and Arm Crossers

MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for intervals of 30 seconds, 20 seconds and 10 seconds; repeat each set 5x and then move immediately to the next without rest):
Side Shuffles (:30) + Ice Skaters (:20) + Bounders (:10)
Spiderman Sprawls (:30) + Mountain Climbers (:20) + Mustang Kicks (:10)
High Knees (:30) + Double Knees (:20) + Tuck Jumps (:10)
Rockettes (:30) + Starfish (:20) + Bicycles (:10)
Sumo Squats with Side Crunch (:30) + Fast Feet (:20) + Sumo Squat Jumps (:10)

FINISHER (same 10-20-30 protocol as above):
Plank Hold (:30) + Hip Touches (:20) + Plank Jacks (:10)

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/wd-eVEfTSkM


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