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15 Minute Progressive INDOOR WALKING Workout | How to Get MORE RESULTS by Doing LESS

Killer Bs, we’re going for a WALK with this TALK today!  Each Tuesday I bring you a new fitness mindset podcast along with a terrific WALK + RUN workout.  We learn a little something about exercise, running or motivation while getting a great sweat.  🙂

I know, it’s unconventional advice, but it’s TRUE: you can get MORE (and better!) RESULTS from your walk + run program by DOING LESS. During our very BEGINNER-friendly indoor WALK (where we get progressively faster each minute), we’ll talk all about adjusting the intensity of your workouts to get the best results for YOU.

Follow along with the audio track above or check out the full length video below.

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Advice about taking CUTBACK days: https://youtu.be/d8xaGZ4qgwM

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Warm Up:

Level ONE


15 minutes

Interval timer is set for 1 minute; each minute walk a little bit faster

1000 Steps
100 Calories

WALK. That’s it! 🙂

Cool Down:

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