20 Minute Total Body SEATED Workout (includes Warm Up!)

20 Minute Total Body SEATED Workout (includes Warm Up!)

First, the QUICK FACTS:  Level TWO | No Equipment | Cardio + Strength | 150 calories

And then, the story behind the workout:  A few weeks ago, my dear Killer B Susan sent me a really (really!) generous donation and in my thank you note, I asked her what kind of workouts she likes best.  It turns out, she enjoys my seated workouts a lot because she teaches a couple of free classes to her local community!  A woman after my own heart.

I got to thinking about all the lovely Bs I know who want or need or simply appreciate the seated workout videos I make, and I decided that I’d like to do something extra special for y’all, in the form of this month’s Seated Saturdays.

Yes, you read that correctly:  an entire month of Saturdays (that’s five this month!) with NEW SEATED WORKOUTS!

And it all starts today with a “sammich maker.”  😂 😂

20 Minute Total Body SEATED Workout (includes Warm Up!) FREE Home Workout on YouTube from Pahla B Fitness

We’re getting a fantastic total body workout with plenty of CARDIO and STRENGTH while we sit in a CHAIR! No equipment needed for this 20 minute (including warm up) routine that tones your muscles and strengthens your heart and lungs.

Check out the exercise breakdown below, then follow along in real time with the full length video shown here.

Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/jQ8aR3uBFUU

Set Up:
Timer is set for 20 seconds; we’re building sammiches with cardio + strength + cardio, then rest; complete each mini-circuit three times.

Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Toy Soldiers

Double Knees
Toe Touch Crunches
Rainbow Jacks

Disco Dancers
High X, Low X
Rope Climbers

Letter Ks
Overhead Hinges
Frog Reaches

😅 WARM UP: https://youtu.be/LNsSXd0JxL0
😅 FINISHER: https://youtu.be/BCzt0lbw_bQ
😅 SUGGESTED STACKER: https://youtu.be/vlTvpeXGqOc
😅 COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/V2CTHi7R6Pc

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