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2000 Steps SLIMMING Indoor POWER WALK | 5PD #44

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Today’s slimming INDOOR WALK is 2,000 steps of FUN! It’s an ideal workout for LOSING WEIGHT over 50 and a whole lot more.

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Ready to go FIVE POUNDS DOWN? Today’s slimming INDOOR WALK –one of the best exercises for menopause – is 2,000 steps of FUN! It’s an ideal workout for LOSING WEIGHT over 50 and a whole lot more.

My friends, this quick-moving, no-repeat routine has plenty of weight loss benefits, with low impact cardio exercises that strengthen our heart, BOOST OUR METABOLISM, and deliver a super fun time as we walk our way toward our goals!

WALKING is one of the best exercises for menopause, and this workout is ideal for women of a “certain age” who want a straightforward, effective routine. The benefits here include heart health, weight management, and mood regulation – essential for women over 50!

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With the dwindling estrogen of menopause comes an elevated risk for heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as an increased likelihood of falling. To counteract these health risks, regular WALKING is one of the best exercises for menopausal women. Including WALKING in your weekly exercise routine – along with strength training and balance work – is a simple and effective way to improve your heart health, strengthen your bones, and boost your brain-body connection.


Hot flashes, moodiness, sleep disturbances and other somatic symptoms can feel inconvenient and troublesome for menopausal women, but regular WALKING can help! Studies have shown a correlation between consistent, moderate exercise and improved sleep, a positive outlook, and reduced menopausal discomfort.

Enjoy a weekly routine of the best exercises for menopause in the FIVE POUNDS DOWN video series on YouTube here:

Ready to WALK? Let’s GO!

In This Workout:


Timer is set for intervals of 20 seconds, alternating between walking and other cardio moves; there is NO REST.



Walking + Bug Slappers
Walking + Big Arm Side Shuffles
Walking + Upside Down Jacks
Walking + Pop-a-Squats
Walking + Toy Soldiers
Walking + Low Swinging High Knees
Walking + Dancing Frogs
Walking + Rainbow Kicks
Walking + Half Jacks
Walking + Skiers
Walking + Daybreaks
Walking + Shooting Stars
Walking + Deadlift Jacks
Walking + Reach Across High and Low
Walking + Front Punch Side Kicks
Walking + Speed Skaters
Walking + Middle Skips
Walking + Booty Kicker Jacks
Walking + Chicken Wing High Knees
Walking + Push Push Crunches
Walking + Wide Open Side Kicks
Walking + Double Knees
Walking + Cross Back Jacks
Walking + Side Step Washing Machines
Walking + Can Cans
Walking + Alley Oops

FINISHER (one interval on each side):
Front Kick Back Kick


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