#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 Week TWO, January 8 – 12

How are you enjoying the year so far, Killer Bs?  I hope it feels like just the right amount of getting back to “normal,” and pushing yourself to reach new goals.  And, of course, speaking of goals, I’ve got a Mini Challenge this week to help you smash ’em!  🙂  Choose your level (Level ONE is very beginner-friendly with shorter, simpler workouts and Level THREE+ is for more experienced exercisers who are ready to take on longer, more complicated routines), click on the image to download and save the PDF, and enjoy the sweat!

Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts are all new, so they won’t be available until 2:30 am Cali time on their respective days.  All other workouts are available for preview now.


2018 January 8 - 12 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Level ONE Week TWO

MONDAY starts the week with an all SEATED, all CARDIO sweat-fest, climbing a series of small ladders (step stools!) for a challenging but fun workout.

TUESDAY’S new podcast is a terrific WALK + RUN (emphasis on the walk) that includes a discussion of how to TRACK your PROGRESS on your way to meeting this year’s health and fitness goals.

On WEDNESDAY, we’re working on improving our BALANCE with a quick-but-not-easy workout that starts from the ground up.

THURSDAY’S workout is a gently-paced, full body CARDIO + STRENGTH routine that will have you feeling strong and accomplished.

And FRIDAY, we’re finishing out the week with another great SEATED TONING workout with optional dumbbells – you can get plenty of benefit doing this one empty-handed, too!


2018 January 8 - 12 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Level THREE+ Week TWO

MONDAY starts the week with a PLAYLIST of two SEATED workouts, first cardio, then strength for a total body sweat-fest.

On TUESDAY, we’re pairing the new WALK + RUN podcast with a brutal Wall Sit FINISHER.

WEDNESDAY’S workout is a LOW IMPACT Boot Camp that needs no equipment and requires no jumping.

THURSDAY is another low impact workout, but this time we’re going METCON-style, which means we’re alternating between cardio and strength exercises for maximum results in minimum time.

And FRIDAY, we’re finishing up a brutal week of very tough workouts with… another one!  This STABILITY BALL core strengthener is one of the toughest I’ve made!

As always, my friends, enjoy the CHALLENGE this week and don’t forget to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on Insta or Twitter so I can cheer you on!

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