#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 Week EIGHT February 19-23 - BLOG Featured Photo

#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 Week EIGHT, February 19 – 23

Killer Bs!  We made it to another CUTBACK WEEK!

If this is your first time doing such a thing, let me introduce you to the concept that is going to change the way you think about your fitness training:  CUTBACK week is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – we’re cutting back our workouts, either in time or intensity, or possibly both – to give our bodies a chance to rest, recover, recuperate and rejuvenate.


Because you NEED it!

Your body can only do so much.  And when you keep pressing it to do and do and do and do… it gets tired!  And when it gets tired, it starts breaking down and operating inefficiently.  Best case scenario?  You’re not getting much benefit from your workouts.  Worst case?  Injuries, illnesses, burnout, fatigue, or a complete slowdown of your metabolism.

In short:  bad things can happen if you don’t take a break once in a while!

But there’s good news here, too!  After cutback week, your body will be ready to hit it hard again.  That means more efficiency, more benefit and more results from your non-cutback weeks.  Whoop whoop!

So, let’s CUT BACK.  🙂

(Click on the image below to download and save the PDF to your device.  The thumbnails are links that take you directly to the full-length workouts on YouTube – just click or tap and you’re ready to sweat!  Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts are ALL NEW, and will be available at 2:30 am Cali time on their respective days.  The rest of the week is available for preview now.)

2018 February 19-23 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Week EIGHT | FREE 5-Day Workout Plan to Get Fit at Home

This week is such a fun one!

On MONDAY, we’ve got a terrific and surprisingly sweaty CHAIR WORKOUT with a great mix of both cardio and strength to give you a full body fat burn as well as body-shaping toning.

TUESDAY’S all-new Let’s RUN podcast covers a topic I could have talked about for much, much MUCH longer:  when you’re trying to lose weight, should you go on a DIET, or change your LIFESTYLE?  You might be surprised at my advice (and I can’t wait to hear your comments and stories!)

WEDNESDAY brings us a quick little barefoot BOSU body-shaping workout, and don’t worry!  You don’t actually need a BOSU – you can sub out a couch cushion and get all that sweet core strengthening instability just the same.

THURSDAY’S workout is a true favorite of mine that is easily one of the CRAAAAAAAAAZIEST routines I’ve done!  Grab your TUPPERWARE, my friends, and let’s get STRONG.  🙂  This full body strength workout doesn’t use dumbbells or kettlebells or a barbell or anything else you’d find in the gym, but you are going to get total body sculpting results anyway.

And then FRIDAY, we’re going to wrap up this cutback week with a fast, fun and SWEATY all-cardio HIIT workout.  No equipment, no fancy footwork, just a nice, energizing good time!

As always, Killer Bs, I hope you enjoy the CHALLENGE this week!  Be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on Instagram or Twitter (we can also connect on Facebook) so I can cheer you on!

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