2020 Mini Challenge, Week 47, November 16 – 22

Is it just me, or does this time of the year always point to SHORTER DAYS and LONGER TO-DO LISTS?  

When our calendar is chock-full of meetings, appointments, family get-togethers, etc., etc., etc., it can feel utterly overwhelming 😱.  And unfortunately, the first thing that usually goes on the back burner is our own health and wellbeing.


A little planning can go a long way toward a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, FITTER YOU as year 2020 comes to a close. Let’s start with some tips on how to achieve all this while KEEPING YOUR SANITY as schedules get hectic. It’s much easier than you might think!

HEALTH.  Establishing simple habits can maximize health.  Our bodies love it when we remember to drink water 🥛, make sleep a priority 💤, and try to incorporate nutritious foods 🍎 into our everyday diets.

HAPPINESS. The hustle and bustle of busy days can cause us to forget the importance of maintaining positive social interactions with friends and family. Don’t forget about your loved ones!  Also, giving yourself a little time to do something that you love each day (reading 📙, being in nature🌳, journaling✐, cooking🥗–whatever lights you up 💡) is a great way to keep other areas of your life in perspective. And finally–DON’T FORGET TO LAUGH!  🤣🤣🤣🤣  The way I see it, a sense of humor is PARAMOUNT to a happy life.
FITNESS. This is the EASIEST GOAL OF ALL!  ✅ This week–and every week–I put together a MINI CHALLENGE workout schedule from my 800+ fitness videos.  It takes all the guesswork and planning off your plate and makes workouts fun, easy, and moderate (yes, there’s my favorite word again, Killer Bs!). 🤟 I’ve got you covered whether your aim is to lose weight or to shape your body.

Here’s how the Mini Challenge works:

  • Choose a GOAL – weight loss (for weight loss) or body shaping (for maintaining your weight and improving your fitness)
  • Follow the WORKOUTS for your goal – if you’re losing weight, each day’s effort should feel very moderate and consistent (because weight loss over 50 is driven by eating the right number of calories consistently); if you’re shaping your body, one day should be an intense push (you choose which workout, any of them can be intense!), one or two days should be very relaxed and the rest of the days should feel mild to moderate. Changing your intensity is what changes your body.
  • FITNESS MATTERS is a weekly podcast that you can enjoy any time – during a workout, on your commute, while grocery shopping, etc.

(Click the image below to download the free workout plan and save it on your device.  Be sure to download and use the Get Your GOALS Daily Check-In worksheet, too.  The thumbnails are links that take you directly to the workout videos on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel or The Fitness Matters Podcast channel on YouTube.)

A little planning (and the Mini Challenge) can go a long way toward a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, FITTER YOU as 2020 comes to a close.


MONDAY:  WALKING with WEIGHTS Workout for Women of a Certain Age ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

TUESDAY:  HEART-HEALTHY Power Walk Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

WEDNESDAY:  Quick Standing ABS Workout for Sciatica Pain Prevention ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

THURSDAY:  25 Minute STRENGTH + Low Impact CARDIO Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

FRIDAY:  Learn to RUN with Pahla B:  Running Tips for Beginners (1 Mile Interval Training Workout)

SATURDAY:  20 Minute WEIGHT LOSS Weights Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

SUNDAY:  Day TWENTY-EIGHT – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

Find this week’s WEIGHT LOSS workouts in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQXWvLmpehlkZ1Mzwv0cxus6fYLvSBLdg


MONDAY (PUSH):  Heart Healthy CARDIO, 50 Minute Low Impact Workout | BURN 450 calories

TUESDAY (RECOVERY):  30 Minute STRESS RELIEF Stretching + Mobility Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

WEDNESDAY (MODERATE):  WALKING with WEIGHTS Workout for Women of a Certain Age ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

THURSDAY (MODERATE):  40 minute BODYWEIGHT STRENGTH for beginners,  NO squats, ALL standing!

FRIDAY (CORE/RECOVERY):  35 Minute Barefoot BODYWEIGHT Workout for Core Strength | COREtober Challenge

SATURDAY (MODERATE):  MODERATE Weights 💪 Day 11 💪 Body Shaping for Women over 50

SUNDAY (MODERATE):  POWER WALK 25-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

Find this week’s BODY SHAPING workouts in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQXWvLmpehlnjRwkkc89HDxFC6Ld5D_rR


Ep. 051: What Do You DESERVE? 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

What if You Don’t GIVE UP? 💕 My Running (+ LIFE!) Story

Have a wonderful week, my friends, and remember that in spite of a busy schedule, YOU MATTER!  

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