40 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT Workout | Burn 400 Calories and Fat without Jumping

Did you think I was kidding when I said we were getting sweaty for the month of SWEATember?  Because I wasn’t.

If you need some proof, here’s Exhibit A:  today’s workout.

I kind of knew this one was going to be sweaty when I put it on the white board, but sometimes workouts turn out a little different than I anticipate, so I didn’t realize that I was actually going to be drenched at the finish!

But who doesn’t love a good drenching, right?

At 40 minutes long, we’re burning somewhere between 300-400 calories, which is perfect if you’re looking to lose weight or trim fat.  The exercises are all low impact, so there’s no jumping, but still very high intensity, so there’s plenty of sweat.

This is one of my favorite types of workouts – a progressive, or ladder style – because it starts off easy and sneaks up on you.  Ha!  Okay, maybe I don’t love the sneaky part, but I do enjoy starting off easy.  🙂

Check out the workout breakdown and follow along video below.

40 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT Workout for Burning Fat and Calories with NO JUMPING! Workout Breakdown from Pahla B Fitness

40 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT Workout | Burn 400 Calories and Fat without Jumping

Level: BEGINNER+ (duration of workout; length of intervals)

Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: Warm up is BUILT-IN and cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time: 43 minutes

MAIN WORKOUT (For Round One, the timer is set for 10 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; each round adds ten more seconds to the work interval, while the rest remains the same; repeat for FIVE rounds):

  • Side Reaches
  • Big Arm Curtsy Lunges
  • Side Shuffles
  • Kick Jacks
  • Double Knees
  • High Knee Rainbow Jacks
  • Reach Low Kick Highs (one interval each side)
  • Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
  • Mountain Flyers (one interval each side)
  • Walking Burpees

FINISHER (one minute each side with no rest between):
Overhead Drinky Bird with Swinging Soldier

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/p8bKFyGfNOc


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