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Bodyweight CARDIO HIIT Modified for LOW IMPACT | 20 Minute Home Workout without Jumping

I’m a pretty motivated person.  (When it comes to working out, at least.  Don’t ask me about cleaning bathrooms, because I am wildly unmotivated to do that.)  I like to work out.  I enjoy sweating, and I strangely enjoy making videos of myself sweating and sharing them with the world on YouTube. 🙂 So it was a little surprising to me when I felt completely unexcited about the workout I had planned to film today.

I had actually put this workout together a few days ago, but felt that same lack of enthusiasm, so I put it off.  Yes, even people who exercise for a living stall their workouts and feel unmotivated to do them!

I was sitting at my desk procrastinating when I looked at the list of exercises I had written on the white board.  Ugh!  I don’t keep to a strict posting schedule of workout types, but I generally like to rotate through a handful of different styles – Tabata, Beginner Bodyweight, equipment-based, core work, HIIT, body-part specific, etc.  On tap for today was a pretty basic cardio HIIT with jumping jacks, washing machines, toe tappers, plank jacks, star jumps, mountain climbers, jumping lunges, fast feet, and burpees.  But I totally wasn’t feeling it.

I tried to figure out why I didn’t love the workout.  It was sort of old-school, nothing fancy.  Was I looking for more razzle-dazzle?  No.  Did I need more variation, or maybe less?  Was I looking for some sort of theme to tie the exercises together?  I noodled on it for a bit and finally realized that I just didn’t feel like jumping!

Inspiration struck:  what if I modified these exercises and made them all low-impact?  Could it be done?  When I’m working with clients, I have to modify exercises all the time.  Arguably the most important thing a personal trainer can do is assess a client’s current level of fitness and individual mobility limitations and figure out what exercises are best suited for them.  I don’t happen to know all of my YouTube audience, but judging from the comments that people leave me, it seemed like the common complaint was achy knees.  Okay.  I can help with that.

All of a sudden, I was totally excited to do the workout!  Up I got from my comfy chair and within minutes I was ready to go.  This was exactly the challenge I was looking for, and I suspect that it’s a perfect challenge for you, too!

Bodyweight Favorites CARDIO HIIT Modified for LOW IMPACT Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

Bodyweight CARDIO HIIT Modified for LOW IMPACT | 20 Minute Home Workout without Jumping


Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: LINKED in video

Exercise Time: Approximately 20 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout: High heart rate cardio exercises improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories (which helps you burn fat), and help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

This WORKOUT is Good For: Beginners; exercisers who like to work out barefoot; exercisers who want a quick and efficient workout; runners and athletes looking to build endurance

MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest; repeat each exercise for two intervals before moving on to the next):

  • Modified Jumping Jacks
  • Modified Washing Machines
  • Toe Tappers
  • Plank Tick Tocks
  • Modified Star Jumps
  • Mountain Walkers
  • Flying Fast Ups
  • Fast Calf Raises
  • Walking Burpees

FINISHER(x2 work intervals):

  • Modified Jackknifes

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:


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