You want the fancy-pants version first?  Okay.  Here goes:

Pahla Bowers is a fitness expert, mindset mentor, health coach, Functional Fitness Specialist and Boston-qualifying marathon runner.  She motivates women from around the world to unleash their inner athlete with fun and effective home workouts, found online for free on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.

Her friendly and encouraging exercise routines, mindset-shifting articles and buzzing Facebook community of Killer Bs help women transform from cautious to confident, one drop of sweat at a time.

Pahla B has a knack for creating workouts that work for women who are traditionally underserved in the fitness genre, such as those fighting chronic pain, older exercisers and those who are just beginning their fitness journey.  She can be found online at or

Aaaaaaand, now for the messier, but far more interesting #realtalk version of events:

I didn’t grow up living an active life.

I was the chubby, uncoordinated girl who hated P.E. and refused to run.  I started dieting at nine years old and was always a little unhappy with my body.  I didn’t understand the relationship between food and feelings and fitness.  I ate crap and felt like crap, then occasionally tried to punish my body with exercise.

It was an unpleasant cycle that – unsurprisingly – brought me no results and left me feeling frustrated.

In my early 20s, I joined a few gyms and worked out somewhat regularly, but I was still missing the nutrition and mindset components.  I was thin, but I wouldn’t really say I was fit and I definitely didn’t have the self-confidence I was hoping a smaller jeans size would bring me.

Then I got married and had babies and really slid down the rabbit hole of eating whatever was on-hand and rarely exercising.

I complained about feeling lousy, but wasn’t sure what else to do about my body.

So, what changed?  How did I go from flabby and tired to fit and fired up about my health?

Well, it wasn’t overnight, that’s for sure.  But there was one particular day in 2006 when I decided that I’d had enough.  I was creeping up on 40 years old, my pants were too tight and I couldn’t stand the thought of feeling this way for the rest of my life.

It was time to do something different.

I changed what I was eating and I started to get serious about being active. That sounds so quick and easy, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t easy at all.

It was a very slow process, filled with trial and error and more than a few tears.  I struggled to eat properly, I floundered with working out regularly, and I constantly second-guessed whether I was doing the right things.

I lost a pound a week, no more and sometimes less.  All told, it took me nine months to lose 30 pounds and about three years to rehab my nutrition, but along the way I discovered that I didn’t have a goal weight anymore.

I had GOALS.

The thing that made all the difference in the world?

I started running in September, 2006 and I fell in love with it!  And once I loved to run, I realized that I actually loved my body.

I didn’t care very much about being thin anymore (though that was a nice side benefit of eating better and enjoying exercise), it was about being strong and feeling fearless.

Once I finally made the connection between feeling strong and living a fit and healthy life, it led me to lots of different types of exercise.

I grew to appreciate lifting weights, core exercises, balance work, yoga, kettlebells and more.  I realized that I wanted to help other women feel this amazing, too.

I made the life-changing decision to become a personal trainer and started my own business in January 2012, at the ripe old age of 42.

Working out with other people opened my eyes to the struggles that we all face when we’re unhappy with our current selves and don’t know what to do to change.

At the finish line of my first marathon, 2009.
And now I can help you find your way to fitness, too.

When I started filming online workout videos for YouTube, it was more for my current personal training clients to do when they weren’t with me.  But then I realized that women from all over the globe were watching and working out, too.  How awesome was that?  I am thrilled that you would invite me into your living room and let me work out with you!

It’s been amazing and humbling to help other people find their inner strength and discover the workouts that they can fall in love with, whether it’s running or lifting weights or HIIT workouts – love is love, and it changes everything.

Here’s the thing about me:  I don’t believe in schemes or scams or wraps or cleanses.  I don’t like diets or deprivation of any kind.

I believe in starting where you are and working with what you have.  I am a huge proponent of setting goals and raising your standards for yourself.  I think your mindset makes all the difference.

I want you to feel amazing, confident, sexy, happy, and sure of your place in this world.  And yes, I do truly believe that good workouts can bring you all of those things.

Fitness is for everybody.  It looks different on us all and it starts by being willing to take the first step.

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