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All Standing 30 Minute Bodyweight BOOT CAMP Workout

Over the years, I’ve worked with plenty of personal training clients who have needed exercise modifications for one reason or another (plantar fasciitis, obesity, limited mobility, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name just a few), and two of the most common ways I make accommodations in workouts are to eliminate jumping or reduce floor work.

Well, this workout did NOT eliminate jumping!  🙂  But there’s no getting up and down off the ground, so it’s a very hand, arm, shoulder and wrist friendly workout that happens to have a nice high heart rate while including both strength and cardio exercises.

This workout was a very detailed suggestion from my girl Dana, who is a frequent commenter on YouTube and a lively presence in my private Facebook group, The Killer B Hive (if you’re not a member yet, you should be!) and I was a little surprised that it didn’t get voted into the Top Eight for last month’s Viewer’s Choice, except for one detail:  I don’t think most people know what EMOM means!

EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute, and can be used a few different ways.  Crossfitters usually have two or three very difficult exercises to do with low reps EMOM, where the remainder of the minute (after they’ve done the work) is for rest.  I’ve used it that way at my outdoor boot camp, but was mean and had my campers increase by one rep each minute.  Oh, the complaining I used to hear when I announced that it was EMOM day!  (Secretly?  Their complaining was my favorite part of boot camp – I knew it meant they were getting a good workout!)

For our purposes today, though, the bulk of our workout is done between the one minute beeps, and on the minute, we’re simply completing one rep of one exercise.  It’s harder than you think!

And it’s totally okay with me if you complain about it a little.  🙂

Check it out:  No equipment needed and NO FLOOR WORK (no planking!) for this fun and sweaty 30 minute BOOT CAMP workout. High intensity CARDIO and bodyweight STRENGTH in a challenging EMOM style will burn 250+ calories in just over 30 minutes. (Full breakdown below)

All Standing BOOT CAMP - 30 minute workout - EMOM - bodyweight cardio and strength exercise routine - Full length home workout from Pahla B




Total Time:
30 Minutes

Warm Up and Cool Down:
Warm Up:
Cool Down:

Calories Burned:
Approximately 250 – 300

Timer is set for one minute intervals, Every Minute On the Minute we do one rep of Side Shuffles with a Curtsy Lunge. Between the beeps, we’ll complete each of the other exercises below for 10 reps each and complete the circuit five times.

Jumping Jacks
Standing Single Leg Russian Twists
Ice Skaters
Wide Arm Balance
Scissor Kicks
Sumo Squats
High Knees
Star Balance

One minute of Side Shuffles with Curtsy Lunges

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

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