All Standing CARDIO BOOTY Boot Camp | 40 Minute HIIT Workout for Slimming Thighs + Shaping BUTT

We are getting a really sweaty start to the week with this one, Killer Bs!  Using one of my favorite workout tricks, we’re starting off “easy” and building up to a thigh-burning, booty-busting good time with increasing intervals.  Thankfully, there’s no climbing back down the ladder.  🙂

There’s a fair amount of jumping with this routine, but no transitions to the ground.  So, while it’s tough on your lower body and heart and lungs, it’s nice on your wrists.

All Standing CARDIO BOOTY Boot Camp _ 40 Minute HIIT Workout for Slimming Thighs + Shaping BUTT - Full Length Home Workout from Pahla B Fitness

40 minutes of heart-pounding, fat burning CARDIO exercise with an emphasis on slimming, shaping and toning your BUTT + THIGHS. This perfect ALL STANDING, bodyweight-only HIIT boot camp workout includes a brief warm up.

Follow along in real time with the video below or check out the exercise breakdown.

Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Warm Up (mobility):
Arm Circles
Arm Crossers
High Knees
Booty Kickers

Level FOUR


40 minutes

Timer is set for increasingly difficult intervals – 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 seconds; complete each exercise in the circuit before resting; complete each circuit once at each interval length

Circuit 1:
Jumping Jacks
Side Lunge Rockers
Ice Skaters
Reverse Lunge + Drinky Birds
Side Shuffles with Curtsy Lunge

Circuit 2:
180 Degree Jumps
Sumo Squat + Curtsy Lunges
Ballerina Hops
Overhead Deadlifts

In ‘n Out Squat Hops

Cool Down:

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