Announcing the 12 Days of HIITmas and Instagram Contest!

So, did you know that the Twelve Days of Christmas are actually after Christmas?  Of course you did.  But I totally did NOT.  And when I went to look it up this morning because I was super stoked about announcing this cool thing I’m doing (which I’ll get to in just a second) – you know, just to be sure that it starts on the 13th and goes through Christmas Eve – well, there it was, right on Wikipedia:  the actual Twelve Days of Christmas is from December 25 – January 6.  I learned something new today!

But we’re going to pretend I didn’t, because I have this super cool and super fun thing that I’m doing for (what I thought was) the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Killer Bs, I present to you:  The Twelve Days of HIITmas!  Twelve days, twelve HIIT workouts, and they’re all just 12 minutes long.

And did I mention that you can win a fun prize, too?  Yay!

12 Days of HIITmas Instagram Contest - Pahla B Fitness

Here’s the scoop:  I’ll be posting a new 12-minute HIIT workout on my YouTube channel every day from Sunday, December 13th – Thursday, December 24th to help you keep up your fitness during the busiest time of the year.  You can win yourself a brand new Killer B hat by posting a related picture (of yourself, of the workout, of your cat watching you work out… whatever!) on Instagram.  Every photo that includes the hashtag #pahlabHIITmas and tags me (@pahlab_fitness) is entered to win.  Limited to one photo per person per day of the contest (12/13/15 – 12/24/15), which is a total of 12 photos/entries per person.  I’ll announce the THREE random winners on Saturday, December 26.

This is exciting, right?!?  Even if it is technically the wrong days.  🙂

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