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Are you ready for SPRING BREAK? All-new STACKABLE workouts coming soon!

Killer Bs, Spring Break doesn’t have to be a break from your workout routine! Especially when I’ve made you a whole week’s worth of sweaty, STACKABLE, mix-and-match workouts that will keep you on track while the kiddos are home! 💪🌞😅

Check it out:

👉 Nine ALL-NEW workout videos (one posted each day from Saturday, March 24th – Sunday, April 1st)

👉 They’re all just TEN minutes long, so you can be done quickly, or stack ’em up for a longer sweat

👉 Fast intros + minimal set up and equipment

👉 ALL-NEW Warm Ups (yes, plural – one of them is SEATED!) and FINISHERS (again – SEATED! squeeeee!)

Look for the warm ups and finishers tomorrow, March 23rd at 5 am Cali time, and get ready for a SUPER Spring Break!

Spring Break Stackable Workouts from Pahla B Fitness - 10 minute mix and match workouts free on YouTube

Did you scroll down here looking for more explanation?  Cool.  I do that, too!

Long-time Killer Bs will remember last summer’s #HOT100 challenge, where I posted 100 short videos in 100 days.  This is like that, but quicker, since it’s just nine days (a much more manageable task for both of us)!  🙂

When I was designing these Spring Break “Stackables” I took all the great things that I loved about that challenge and made them even better.

Like this:

When you do the all-new WARM UP (this link will be live after 2 am Cali time on Friday, March 23), there’s an on-screen clickable card near the end that will always take you to my latest video.  How stinkin’ cool is that??

I’ve also put clickable cards on every single Spring Break video that takes you to either the all-new FINISHER (again with the note about Friday, 2 am, yadda yadda yadda) or a hand-picked complementary workout that uses the same equipment (or none)!  So you can keep on sweating without trying to figure it all out for yourself on the fly!  Hooray!!

At some point in the near future, I’m going to add these features to all the #HOT100 workouts, too, but… well, there’s a hundred of them, so that’s going to take a while!  🙂

Cheers to staying on track with a STACK!  (I literally just now made that up, and I am cracking myself up with it.  It’s been a long couple of days of filming and editing and scheduling, can you tell?)

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