Awesome ARMS | 6 Minute Extended Plank Workout with DUMBBELLS to Strengthen UPPER BODY + CORE

Confession time:  I really have to work hard to convince myself to do upper body workouts.  I mean, I’ll totally do upper body stuff when it’s part of a full body workout, no problem.  But focused arm, chest and back work?  Uhhhhhh……  not my favorite.

It’s funny, because I actually really like the way my arms look.  I wear tank tops pretty much year ’round (partly because I live in California where I can do such a thing and partly because I’m a big fan of the “gun show.”  Lol.), but I am also well aware of the fact that I’m still not super strong in my upper body.

I was just having a conversation this past weekend with my sister-in-law about how the exercise that you dread the most is almost always the one you need the most.  So.  Upper body it is.

One of the ways I can usually talk myself into doing an arm workout is by making sure it’s either very short or very simple.  And, voila!  This little ol’ workout happens to be both of those things.  But, oh, my, is it not easy!  It’s technically only one (very) complex exercise, but as you’ll see in just a minute, it’s a killer of an exercise.  Check out the video below to get the hang of it, or feel free to follow along in real time.  And let me know if you have any questions!

Awesome ARMS Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

Awesome ARMS | 6 Minute Extended Plank Workout with DUMBBELLS to Strengthen UPPER BODY + CORE

It’s just one exercise, I promise, but there are five parts to it.  🙂  Set your own challenge for the weight of the dumbbells.  Do all ten in a row on one side before switching sides.  Oh, yeah, and you’re holding a plank position for the entire time (though, I admit, I got on my knees for the pushup)!  This is a total burnout!

  • Renegade Row + Triceps Kickback + Side Fly + Front Raise + Pushup

There is no finisher for this workout, because the entire thing is like a finisher!  You’re welcome.  I’m not usually this kind, I know.  🙂

Can’t see the video below?  Click here:


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