Before and After Photos - Weight Loss Over 50

Before and After Photos – Weight Loss Over 50

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Before and After weight loss

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Do you feel frustrated with your fitness and weight loss goals, or do you sometimes wonder if weight loss over 50 is just a myth? Well my friend, I can assure you that it is not a myth, and I WOULD LOVE to show you some success stories that prove that you can lose weight and get in shape at any age.

For the first blog in this series, I am so excited to introduce these three wonderful women to you, and let you read their stories in their own words.

Before and After Weight Loss: Jennifer

Before and after weight loss photos of woman over 50

Pahla preaches consistency as the main tenet of getting your goal. It’s true – weight loss, body shaping, heart health – consistency is key! Here’s a picture from today – I’ve been consistent for 18 months and I’m seeing itty bitty abs definition.

My first ten months were focused on weight loss and heart health. After that I tried running and liked it a lot, but my knees did not. Now I’ve settled into doing 30 to 35 minutes every day.

I have done a few different programs that Pahla has and the variety is endless. My next program will be the latest body shaping series.

Before and After Weight Loss: Jo

Weight loss over 50 before and after - Jo

Prior to COVID I had gone to the gym five days a week for six months and only lost five pounds. I am a breast cancer survivor who became post menopausal via chemotherapy at 50. The weight just piled onto my core afterwards.

In May after gaining more from working from home I looked for help on YouTube. I went through a few trainers til I found Pahla and never went back. I have lost 25 pounds and follow all Pahla’s advice. It is the only program that has worked for me since I became post menopausal.

Before and After Weight Loss: Shirley

Weightloss Over 50 - Before and After Photos and Success Stories _ woman before and after

In May of 2017 I discovered Pahla on YouTube. I was 61 years old, more than 100 pounds over weight and had started having mobility issues. I started with her low impact cardio, strength and run-walk videos.

I also joined the Killer B Hive. For the rest of that year I worked on endurance and strength with a goal of climbing our local mountain with my granddaughters scheduled for January of 2018. It was a glorious day and the first time I proved to myself that I can do hard things!

I spent the rest of that year learning to run with Pahla’s advice and encouragement from her and the members of The Hive. January 1, 2019, I committed to losing weight with Pahla’s method of consistency, moderation and mindset work.

Now, at (almost) 64, I am 80+ pounds lighter. I am a runner. I am a happier, more confident version of myself.

Let’s give a round of applause to Jennifer, Jo, and Shirley! They’ve worked on consistency and mindset to help them achieve their goals and they look and feel great.

Stay tuned for more before and after photos and stories!

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