Full Body DUMBBELL Supersets for Shaping, Firming + Toning | 25 Minute WEIGHT TRAINING Workout

I had big plans for today’s workout, but then I desperately needed to go grocery shopping.

This has happened to you, too, I’m sure.  Maybe not grocery shopping, exactly, but something urgent will happen and derail the workout that you had been counting on doing.  So frustrating!  But also an important life lesson:  always have a back-up plan, because not working out is not an option (especially when you have millions… errrr, thousands, of YouTube subscribers waiting for your Monday upload).  🙂

So, the big plans will have to wait for later this week, but in the meantime, I was really, really pleased with this dumbbell workout!  I’ve been meaning to make another beginner-friendly workout for a while now, so the grocery emergency ended up being sort of a blessing in disguise.  The workout is about 20 minutes long, plus a full body warm up and some nice stretching at the end to cool down, for just under 30 minutes total.  My favorite!

This workout is all about the superset, which is a bodybuilding term that basically means there’s no rest and you’re aiming for muscle burnout.  Ha!  It’s not quite as bad as it sounds, I promise.  Yes, it’s tough, but a good kind of tough.  The one where you feel challenged, but then you keep working through it and afterward you’re really happy with yourself for being so awesome.

Watch the video below to follow along in real time, or you can take this breakdown with you.  And as always, let me know if you have any questions about the exercises!

Full Body DUMBBELL Supersets Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

Full Body DUMBBELL Supersets for Shaping, Firming + Toning | 25 Minute WEIGHT TRAINING Workout

Warm Up:  approximately 20x each of Arm Circles, Arm Crossers, High Knees and Leg Stretchers

For the main workout, perform exercise #1 of the superset for 10 reps, then do 10 reps of exercise #2, repeat twice for a total of 20 reps of both exercises.  Try to work quickly, with little or no rest between exercises.

Superset #1:

  • Press Out Press Ups (left side) + Press Out Press Ups (right side)

Superset #2:

  • Bent Over Reach and Kickback (left side) + Bent Over Reach and Kickback (right side)

Superset #3:

  • Curtsy Lunge with Reach Down + Close Squats

Superset #4:

  • V-Sit Lean Backs + Toe Reaches

Finisher:  20 Thrusters

Cool Down Stretching:  approximately 15-20 seconds each of Chest Openers (each side), Shoulder Stretch (each side), Triceps Stretch (each side), and Seated Glute Stretch (each side)

Can’t see the video below?  Click here:  https://youtu.be/m-wU2iXHzAA


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