20 Minute Beginner HIIT Floor Workout | No Equipment Cardio, Strength + Abs for Full Body Toning

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about writing better descriptions for my workouts to make them easier for people to find on Google or YouTube, and there’s one thing that I keep wondering:  do beginning exercisers really call themselves that?  Because I totally use the word “beginner” all the time on my workouts, and I’m never really sure if it seems…  I don’t know … insulting.

I don’t think anybody likes to think of themselves as “beginners.”  Sure, maybe you have absolutely no idea whatsoever about anything related to getting in shape, but there’s something about that word.  Right?  I think it’s why we all glommed on to the word “newbie” when that became popular.  It’s cute!  You can spell it funny!  “I’m new at this” sounds so much less intimidating somehow.

So I’m totally curious to hear your thoughts on this, and would honestly love some feedback.  Did you find this workout because you actually searched for the words “beginner workout,” or were you looking for something else and just stumbled onto it?  Thanks for letting me know!

And now, on to the workout breakdown!  As you might have guessed, this is a beginner-friendly workout.  🙂  We’re working in nice, short intervals – though we are stacking them together –  and staying on the ground for every exercise.  So there’s no jumping and no equipment and the whole thing’s over in just under 20 minutes.  Yay!

As always, you are welcome to watch and follow along with the full length video below, or you can leave me a comment if you have any questions about the exercises.

20 Minute Beginner HIIT Floor Workout | No Equipment Cardio, Strength + Abs for Full Body Toning

Set your timer for 15-second intervals.  Do each set of three exercises in a row before taking a 15-second rest.  Repeat each triplet of exercises three times before moving on to the next set.

  • Mountain Climbers + Mule Kicks + Plank Hold
  • Side Crunches + Side Scoops + Side Plank Hold (do all three repeats on one side before moving to the other side)
  • Triceps Dips + Pushups + Pike Hold
  • Russian Twists + Heel Touches + Bridge Hold
  • Rockettes + V-Sit Obliques + Reverse Plank Hold

Finisher:  Do each of the five isometric holds listed above for 15 seconds without resting between

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/vlc6OIvkw6w


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