FUN Kettlebell HIIT | 15 Minute Fast-Paced FAT BURN, Full Length at-Home Body Shaping Workout

I know 16 minutes doesn’t sound like an especially long time for a workout, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all that we’re able to accomplish with this terrific kettlebell HIIT!

When I was noodling it out, I had a couple of different ideas for the structure.  As you probably know by now, I do love me a good theme in my workouts, so I was trying to put something together that would satisfy my sense of order as well as get in a good sweat, and I’m really pleased with the outcome.

I chose nine different beginner-friendly Kettlebell exercises and went with my favorite time interval, 20 seconds.  But the twist with this workout is that the intervals get a little tougher each round.  Not longer, just tougher, by combining or stacking the intervals together.  This isn’t a ladder workout, really.  It’s more like a pyramid.

A pyramid of sweat.  🙂

The exercises are a nice blend of high heart rate (but low impact – no jumping) cardio and controlled strength training, and there’s not a lot of rest.  In fact, for the first round, there’s actually no rest at all, since we fill the rest intervals with mobility (warm up) work.

I hope you enjoy the fun and different structure of this HIIT workout!  You can do this workout yourself with the breakdown below, or feel free to follow along with the full-length video at the bottom of this post.

BEGINNER Kettlebell HIIT Workout | Fast-Paced STRENGTH TRAINING Workout Breakdown from Pahla B Fitness

FUN Kettlebell HIIT | 15 Minute Fast-Paced FAT BURN, Full Length at-Home Body Shaping Workout

Level: BEGINNER (standing only, no planking or transitions to the ground, no jumping, lots of verbal explanation)

Equipment: One KETTLEBELL (mine is 10 lbs)

Warm Up and Cool Down: Warm up is BUILT IN and cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time: 15 minutes


MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for 20-second intervals; Round One is completed with the active rest activities, Round Two is completed in pairs before resting and Round Three is completed in triplets before resting):

  • Left Hand Swings (Arm Circles)
  • Right Hand Swings (Arm Crossers)
  • Halos (High Knees)
  • Sumo Squats with Hamstring Curls (Booty Kickers)
  • Double Hand Swings (Windmills)
  • Left Hand Squats (Toy Soldiers)
  • Right Hand Squats (Drinky Birds)
  • Outside Swings (Side Reaches)
  • Gorilla Swings

FINISHER (complete two sets in each direction):

  • Figure 8s

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:



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