Best Exercise for Staying in Shape at Any Age

Best Exercise for Staying in Shape at Any Age

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Beautiful Bs, my passion is helping women of a "certain age" meet their weight loss and fitness goals, but the truth is this: the 5-0 method works for women (and men) of ANY age.

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But Pahla B, you’re just saying that. Do your exercises and videos actually help people of any age stay in shape and meet their goals?

Don’t take it from me, my friends. Here’s just a few of many, many comments from my YouTube from women (and men!) under 50 who have found this method to be effective, practical, and fun, and suitable for a variety of body types and fitness histories.

Fitness and Motivation at Any Age

Woman in her thirties does an exercise video

“Love your videos, conversation and motivation. I’m under 50 and truly enjoy your channel. Thank you!”

“Thanks for helping me embrace moderation. Even as a woman under 50 who is a healthy weight, I appreciate your mindset and I’m no longer pushing so hard that I’m injuring myself. 😊🙃👍🏻”

“Anyone love Paula’s workouts and very much under the age of fifty? 😂😅”

“I am WAY under 50 but after a day of nothing but sitting at the computer I find your work outs are the ones I keep returning to over and over at the end of a long work day. As someone with a background in dietetics I really appreciate the healthy mentality you are promoting and I love your warm and positive energy. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing for a long time Pahla. You’re making a lot of people’s lives better, especially during these unique times. ♥”

“I just love you! I’m newly 40, always been slender and never had to try. I had baby #2 the month after I turned 39 and my weight fell right off just like with baby #1 at 32. Fast forward a year and I’ve gained 10lb doing the same things I had always done before and was slapped in the face with the term perimenopause. I always thought Menopause started around 50 so I had 10 more “good years” in me before I fell apart. Lol. I was feeling hopeless and helpless and frustrated and then I found YOU! You are my fitness therapist 🥰 Thank you for being honest and changing my mindset about the changes my body is going though and giving me the will power and mindset to realize this just a change and I have to learn what my body needs. Not a death sentence 😉”

“I am in my 40s and injured, and having been doing this series for the last few weeks, alternating with other activities like yoga, following your moderation advice to give my body a chance to heal while maintaining my mental sanity. I did not believe it would happen, but I actually have been losing weight! My goal was to maintain fitness while I heal, but what a surprise. I have been working out almost everyday for two years to lose weight, but never could. Now I am going easy on myself and my body is rewarding me. Thank you for this valuable lesson! 🙏❤️”

“I am not in my 50s, rather in my 40s, but since I am recovering from an injury, I decided to try your workouts. At first, I thought these were waaayyy too slow for me, yet I found them also challenging and noticed afterwards throughout my day that I did feel like I worked out, but without the painful after effects. I appreciate your helpful tips on how moderate is just nicer for the body. Makes total sense and I find my view on exercise evolving to something healthier. Thank you!”

“Love the simplicity of your recipes Pahla! Been following your workouts although I’m 40 lol I think the moderate workouts are great since I’m still trying to conceive and I feel very uplifted listening to you as I workout. Keep it up! Inspired by what you do♥️♥️♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻”

“I’m 30 years old and taking all of your tips! I have 40 pounds to lose to get to a “normal” BMI, but I would like to lose 65 pounds to get to what my doctor says is my “ideal body weight.” I love how you said I need to start with where I am right now. Snacking has been a really challenging thing for me… I’m a stress eater. Rather than telling myself I can’t eat something, I’ve been trying to tell myself that I need to drink a cup of water first and then if I’m still hungry, I can have fruit or a healthy protein. Small changes. I am praying to stay consistent with it.”

“I really love your personality and how you focus on a healthy lifestyle rather than just weight loss for the sake of weight loss. At my age (40) I’m sick of trying (and failing) to follow the hardcore diet and routines of gals in their 20s. I just want to focus on improving and maintaining a healthy life as I age. Looking forward to diving into your channel! I enjoy your podcast also!”

“Thanks for the encouragement about coming to fitness later in life. I just turned 40 and besides a brief stint of working out while in college (at the campus gym) it’s only been in the past three years that I’ve made fitness a priority in my life. It’s good to be reminded that just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I can’t improve my fitness level.”

Lovely Bs, I am excited to share more comments like this with you. Stay tuned for how other people of all ages have been able to implement this method with knee pain, disabilities, and illnesses.

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