Bullet Points + Emojis | #PahlaBMiniChallenge Week 35

Killer Bs, I have so much to say about this week’s Mini Challenge, but A.) it’s a holiday weekend for lots of us, which means you’re probably not super interested in reading too much, and B.) due to technical difficulties, this challenge is getting out hours later than normal.  I’m really sorry about that!

So, for both of our sakes, I’m keeping it to bullet points and emojis today:

  • This week is TOUGH.  Like, wow.  ?
  • You’re tougher.  ?
  • Next week is cutback – yay!  ?
  • There are TWO all-new workouts, one on Monday and one on Tuesday (plus the bonus Seated Saturday, which isn’t on here – did you see yesterday’s?).  So exciting!  ?
  • Yes, some of these workouts are pretty long, but they all include a warm-up, so there’s no “hidden” time needed.  ⏰
  • You’re awesome and I hope you’re enjoying a great weekend.  ?

(Click the image below to download and save it on your device.  The thumbnails are links to take you directly to the videos or playlists on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.  All of the workouts are available for preview now.)

#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 September 3 - 7 Week THIRTY-FIVE


On MONDAY, we’re starting the week (or finishing the long weekend) with one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever made.  Ever.  Grab your heaviest KETTLEBELL and turn down the volume on all the grunting, friends, because this one’s gonna get you like whoa.

TUESDAY’S all-new Let’s RUN podcast was supposed to be called “Take Off Your Shirt!” before I realized that I could possibly get banned from YouTube for that.  ?? I promise, this walk (or run) ‘n talk is about something so much more important than your shirt – we’re chatting about your self talk and how it affects your health (because, believe me, it does).

WEDNESDAY’S workout is a quick little heart-thumper – a 20 minute CARDIO TONING workout that targets all your major muscles as well as your heart and lungs.

On THURSDAY, we’re taking around the back with a 40 minute BOOTY BOOT CAMP workout.  This one’s a whole lot of cardio with a leg + butt focus, no equipment needed.

And FRIDAY, we’ll even that out with a killer UPPER BODY STRENGTH workout that’s also on that “toughest workouts I’ve ever made” list.  I know!  This is why we’re all excited about next week being a cutback.

As always, Killer B, I hope you enjoy the CHALLENGE this week!  Be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on your INSTA or TWITTER so I can cheer you on!  #pahlabminichallenge

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