#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 Week FORTY October 8 - 12

Cardio, Comfort Zones and CUTBACK | Mini Challenge Week 40

I remember the first time I took a cutback week.  It was like a million years ago now, but the memory I have from it is still quite vivid:  I HATED IT.

I hated the “easy” workouts, I hated the feeling of “not doing anything,” I hated that I actually still felt kinda tired even though I “wasn’t doing anything,” I hated holding myself back from pushing hard …  I hated it.

You know why?  Because cutting back the intensity of your workouts is HARD.

But hard in a totally different way than pushing yourself, which is the kind of hard we’re used to.

One might even say that PUSHING YOURSELF in your workouts becomes your comfort zone, and CUTTING BACK is therefore outside your comfort zone.

Hmmmm.  Food for thought, isn’t it?

We’re exploring all kinds of comfort zones this week, Killer B, in the best way I know how:  SMALL DOSES.  😅

The workouts aren’t going to be easy, because that’s not the point of cutback week.  But they are going to be quick, and slightly – slightly! – lower intensity than we do the rest of the time.

Remember, this week is supposed to be different from your usual.

Viva la difference!

(Click the image below to download and save it on your device.  The thumbnails are links to take you directly to the videos or playlists on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.  All of the workouts are available for preview now.)

#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 October 8 - 12 Week FORTY (cutback)

On MONDAY, we’re starting the week with a little low impact CARDIO CONFIDENCE!  This quick, sweaty and FUN workout includes a few exercises that you might not like, but in such short and manageable intervals that maybe you won’t even notice them.  😅  There’s a SUGGESTED STACKER at the end of this video that is also low impact but high sweat rate.

TUESDAY’S all-new Let’s RUN podcast is a really rambling 20 MINUTE WALK where we’re chatting about how exercise can help improve your mood.  Among (many) other things.  The topic might not be my most cohesive, but the walk is still a good one!  And if you need just a few more endorphins to chase away that bad mood, there’s a SUGGESTED STACKER at the end of the video.

WEDNESDAY’S workout is a tough little STRENGTH TRAINING nugget that targets every major muscle group in your body!  It’s our only dumbbell routine this week, but don’t feel like you need to push it with your weight.  Partly because it’s cutback week, and partly because I know how tough tomorrow’s workout is!  😅

On THURSDAY, we’re down on the ground doing everybody’s favorite:  CORE STRENGTHENING!  Oh, that’s not your favorite?  I know.  It’s nobody’s.  But even though it’s the lima beans of the exercise world, this is why you signed up for the Mini Challenge – so your mother would make you eat the foods that are good for you.  And do core strengthening workouts.  (I think that metaphor got a little mixed, but you know what I mean!)

On tap FRIDAY is the workout that I get some of the most complaints about.  So, YAY!  This GENTLE CARDIO workout should feel gentle (it’s right there in the title), and if it doesn’t?  Slow down!  Or don’t use the stability ball.  No matter how you get through it, it’s up to you to make it the right amount of intensity.  (Most of the complaints I get about this one is that it’s much harder than it seems.  But really, they all are if you’re not careful!)

As always, Killer B, I hope you enjoy the CHALLENGE this week!  Be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on your INSTA or TWITTER so I can cheer you on!  #pahlabminichallenge

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