CARDIO that puts the FUN in FUNCTIONAL!

CARDIO that puts the FUN in FUNCTIONAL!

It’s Day 3 of 5 in our December☃️ WEIGHT LOSS series, and today we’re putting the FUN in FUNCTIONAL!  It’s a short📏 & sweet🍯 workout full of low impact cardio moves with an emphasis on balance practice — perfect for CALORIE BURNING and active aging benefits!  

Find the December☃️ 5-Day WEIGHT LOSS series here:

Today's short📏 & sweet🍯 workout is full of low impact cardio moves with an emphasis on balance practice -- perfect for CALORIE BURNING and active aging benefits!

If LOSING WEIGHT is on your to-do list📓, you’re in the right place today!  This quick-moving🌪️ workout is chock full of variety and METABOLISM-BOOSTING🌟 moves. Plus, the functional fitness aspect is preparing us for a better quality of life — at any age💐!  

And if you’re a gal who likes to mix it up🥣, I’m debuting some brand new exercises that you are going to love!

Ready to show yourself some cardio self-love💌?  (And find out why I exercise barefoot🦶?)  Join me now!  Let’s GO!

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Check out the list of exercises below, then follow along with me in real time with the full-length video.

Can’t see the workout?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Interval timer is set for 20 seconds; complete these exercises in “stepstools” of three by starting with one exercise then resting, adding a second exercise then resting, and finally completing all three before resting and moving on to the next set.


Stepstool One:
Ski Jumpers (no actual jumping involved)

Stepstool Two:
Ankle Jacks
Top Shelf Tip Toes

Stepstool Three:
Speed Skaters
Leg Twister Jacks

Stepstool Four:
Upside Down Jacks
Twisting Kicks

Stepstool Five:
Ducks and Swoops
Cross Back Jacks

Stepstool Six:
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
High Knee Bicycle Signals

FINISHER (one interval on each side):
I Y W Parade Rest on One Foot



Video – Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond:

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