30 Minute CORE Conditioning Challenge for RUNNERS | Stability Exercises to Strengthen ABS + BUTT

I think the newest SUMMER STRONG workout can best be summed up in the following two words:  Oooooooooh, doggies!


I don’t know why (because I prove it wrong every. single. time. I do a workout like this), but I always think a slow-moving workout is going to feel gentle.  And, yes, I’ll admit that it was gentle on my heart and lungs, and very pleasant on my joints without any jumping or quick moves.

But my muscles?  Well, every single last one of them got to go to work on this thing.

This is much more of a full body workout than the title makes it seem. The fact is, stability exercises recruit muscles from all over your body, not only the prime movers, so you’re just as likely to feel this one tomorrow in your inner thighs and the backs of your arms as you are in your abs and your butt.  (But don’t worry, because you’re gonna feel it there, too!)

These slow and controlled exercises  – think yoga or Pilates type movements – require both mental discipline and physical control. So even though this isn’t going to register high on the calorie burn scale, this barefoot core challenge workout is totally worth your time and effort. This is how we get SUMMER STRONG!  (Workout breakdown and full length follow along video below)

Core Conditioning Challenge Workout Breakdown. Stability Exercises to Strengthen your Abs and Butt from Pahla B Fitness

30 Minute CORE Conditioning Challenge for RUNNERS | Stability Exercises to Strengthen ABS + BUTT


Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: Both are INCLUDED

Exercise Time: Just over 27 minutes, including warm up and cool down

PURPOSE of the Workout: Aside from the obvious of getting yourself a bigger booty (shake that healthy butt!) and sexy abs? Stability work is essential to your functional fitness and developing a strong core will reduce your risk of exercise injuries and enhance your balance and coordination

This WORKOUT is Good For: Exercisers with experience who want to challenge themselves; runners and athletes who are tired of running injuries and want to build core strength; exercisers who enjoy yoga, Pilates and other barefoot workouts; anybody with weight loss and other health and fitness goals

WARM UP (untimed and uncounted):

  • Arm Circle Windmills
  • Leg Stretchers
  • Inchworms

MAIN WORKOUT (complete 10 reps of each exercise, which is harder than it looks here in the description; these are compound exercises that flow from one into the other; complete all 10 on one side before switching sides if applicable):

  • Side Plank Cross Crunch + Spiderman Sprawl + Single Leg Pike
  • In a forearm crouch position with a single leg extended: Open Tap + Close Tap + Lift + Curl
  • Single Leg Jackknife + Double Leg Jackknife + Other Leg Jackknife + Bridge Thrust

FINISHER (complete 10 reps of each exercise without rest and without putting your hips down):

  • Right Side Plank Hip Drops + Left Side Tabletop Crunch and Extend + Right Side Tabletop Crunch and Extend + Left Side Plank Hip Drops

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/h17xxIjSavA

Let me know if you have any questions about the exercises or need any help with modifications – I’m always happy to help you get YOUR best workout!

To your good health,

Love Pahla

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