Cutback Cardio + Strength, 15 Minute Workout with Dumbbells

Happy Monday, Killer Bs!

Here’s today’s WORKOUT AT A GLANCE:  Level THREE | Total Body Cardio + Strength | DUMBBELLS | 15 minutes | 75 – 125 calories

We are cutting it back, and thank goodness for CUTBACK, amiright? Sometimes you just need a break from going hard, but you still wanna go a little. Well, my friend, this beautiful reduced-intensity workout has plenty of low impact cardio and muscle-toning dumbbell strength to bring on the endorphins without feeling like too much.

I mention it several times during the workout that what we’re aiming for with this workout should feel “just right.”  That means your heart rate should come up, but not too high and your weights should feel… well, like weights, but not too heavy.

And that means that maybe you’ll follow along exactly, or maybe you’ll go slower (or faster).  Maybe you’ll lift the same size weights as me, or maybe you’ll lift lighter (or heavier).  Only YOU know what your normal intensity feels like, so only YOU know how much to cut back.  Learning how to gauge your cutback without listening to the monkey brain that says, “That’s not enough” is part of the process!


Are you ready to cut back?

Me, too! Let’s go!

Check out the workout breakdown below, then follow along in real time with the video here.

(Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Set Up:
Handy-dandy Gymboss is set for 15-second intervals; we’re doing cardio, then strength, then rest; repeat each pair three times before moving on.

Modified Jumping Jacks + Reverse Lunge Press Ups
Kick Jacks + Squats with Side Raises
Alley Oops + Star Balance
Drinky Bird Jacks + Peek a Boo Curtsy Lunges
Mountain Walkers + Renegade Rows
Rockettes + Lat Pullover Crunches
Plank Tick Tocks + Pike Crunches


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