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Do THIS to Lose FIVE POUNDS Every FOUR WEEKS in 2022

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Looking for the BEST (and simplest) weight loss program for women over 50? The 5-0 Method has everything you need to LOSE 65 POUNDS this year -- and it's FREE!

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Are you ready to go FIVE POUNDS DOWN every four weeks in 2022?  Then you’re in luck, because the 5-0 Method (the best weight loss program for women over 50!), paired with my latest workout video series can help you meet this year’s goals!  In this super quick video, I’m sharing the FIVE SIMPLE THINGS you can do this year that will set you on the path to LOSING 65 POUNDS at age 50 and beyond.

What makes The 5-0 Method the BEST weight loss program for women over 50?

The 5-0 Method is a free weight loss program for women over 50

Weight loss changes as you go through The Change, and that means your routine needs to change, too. The 5-0 Method addresses the unique weight loss needs of women over 50 with science-backed information about fueling adequately (instead of just trying to “eat less”) and exercising appropriately (rather than “moving more”), as well as proper hydration and sleep. This program also tackles the real secret sauce of achieving your weight loss goals — managing your mindset. With just five simple tasks to meet each day, the 5-0 Method is both comprehensive and completely doable.

How does The 5-0 Method work?

Diminishing estrogen is correlated with elevated levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”), which shows up for many women over 50 in the form of menopausal belly fat. Ironically, eating less and exercising more only exacerbate this problem, because undereating and overexercising are both stressful on your body! The 5-0 Method will help you calculate the right number of calories to be in the slight caloric deficit your body needs, and provides you with the right amount of exercise each day to meet your fitness needs without stressing your body. In addition, this weight loss program takes a “whole body” approach, with attention paid to adequate hydration, sleep, and mindfulness — essential elements that are missing in other programs.

What’s included with The 5-0 Method? And is it really FREE?

The 5-0 Method is a complete weight loss program that includes

  • calculations to find your unique caloric, sleep, and hydration needs
  • links to over 60 days of perfectly balanced workout videos designed for women over 50
  • journaling pages with prompts, and
  • daily, weekly and monthly progress checks to keep you motivated

And yes, this entire program (including the workout videos) is free from spam, free from misinformation, free of hype and FREE of charge! Watch the video below for more information and download your FREE copy of The 5-0 Method to get started today.

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The 5-0 Method: The best WEIGHT LOSS program for women over 50 (and it’s FREE!)

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