Ep. 096: Your AGING BODY ???? The Fitness Matters Podcast

Ep. 096: Your AGING BODY 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast

I’m so glad you’re here, my beloved Bs🐝!

Have you noticed changes happening with your body as the years go by?  You may see differences in WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE or with HOW THINGS WORK.  My friends, I’m noticing these things too🙋!  And sometimes it can feel really easy to view these changes in a not-so-positive light💡.

Changes happening with your body? In WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE or HOW THINGS WORK? Today we’re looking at how to step into the future efficiently.

But in today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, we’re flipping🥞 the narrative and looking at how we can step👣 into the future in a vital way.  Like (almost) always, I’m sharing some personal stories and practical tips for how to make that happen.

Tune in🎧 now!

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