Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond! ⚖️ Pahla B Fitness - Pahla B Fitness

Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond! ⚖️ Pahla B Fitness

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Here we are all about making peace with your menopausal body. And one of the best ways is to get to a healthy weight that feels just right for YOU.

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Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B, your best middle aged fitness friend, and here on the Pahla B Fitness channel we are all about making peace with your menopausal body.  And one of the best ways to make peace is to get to a healthy weight that feels just right for YOU.

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Here we are all about making peace with your menopausal body.  And one of the best ways is to get to a healthy weight that feels just right for YOU.

Twice in the last two years, I’ve found myself… I’m gonna say “unexpectedly” gaining weight, but I know exactly why it happened!

I was doing what every other fitness trainer in the world will tell you is the formula for LOSING weight – I was moving more and eating less.

And the thing that’s hilarious about this is that of course I know that eating less and moving more doesn’t work for women our age!  In fact, it’s actually the reason why we start to GAIN weight during and after menopause!  I’ve seen this proof over and over again with my fitness clients, and yet… I guess somehow I didn’t think it applied to me.

But as soon as I started applying the five simple steps of The Five-OH Method, I easily took the weight right back off.

The Five-OH Method is my proven weight loss formula, backed by science and personal experience, that works like a charm for women of a “certain age.”  I call it “Five-OH” because there are five simple things to do every day, and nearly every day on your weight loss journey, you’ll find yourself exclaiming, “OH!  I didn’t know that about losing weight,” or “OH!  I had no idea it could be this easy,” or “OH!  I just learned something new about myself today.”

Here are the FIVE THINGS you’ll do every single day:

  • Eat the RIGHT NUMBER of calories, every single day consistently
  • Drink the RIGHT AMOUNT of water, every single day consistently
  • Get an ADEQUATE AMOUNT of sleep, every single day… or night 🙂
  • EXERCISE MODERATELY every single day, and
  • You’re going to MANAGE YOUR MINDSET.  Every single day.

You guys, there’s nothing here that’s ground-breaking or crazy.  You’re absolutely, 100% capable of doing all of it!  The biggest challenge here is THINKING about weight loss in a really different way than you’ve been taught to believe for years.

And that’s exactly why I’m here for you!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/tqcJM2kANQA

I’ve written a really comprehensive eBook that’s completely FREE for you to download – find it here: https://pahlabfitness.com/weight-loss-over-50/ – and in the book, I give a super thorough explanation of all five steps, but let me give you a quick overview right now:


That doesn’t mean “less,” and it definitely doesn’t mean whatever low number your weight loss app gives you.  It means the RIGHT amount, every single day.  The free eBook has all the calculations, so you’re not just guessing!

I know we all think that eating too much is why we gain weight, but in my experience, women our age are far, far, far more likely to be eating too little or eating inconsistently – sometimes way too much and sometimes way too little, and rarely the same amount from day to day.

And your body doesn’t like that!  In fact, it worries about you starving to death, so it starts storing fat to keep you safe.

When you eat the RIGHT AMOUNT really consistently, your body will lovingly release the weight it’s been holding onto, because it knows you’re safe.


Your body can adapt to any situation – heat, cold, lack of food, lack of rest – EXCEPT lack of water.  Water is the magic substance that makes every single process in your body run smoothly.  The eBook has a super simple formula to help you figure out exactly how much is right for you!


During sleep is when your body repairs muscles, rejuvenates your brain, and works on stabilizing your moods.  When you don’t sleep enough, dozens – probably hundreds – of important processes get interrupted, which can mean that your body holds on to inflammation (which is part of the muscle repair process), also known as “water weight.”  Tracking and prioritizing sleep is hugely beneficial for weight loss!


I know lots of us think that the main reason to exercise is to burn calories, but your body is about a million times more complex than a simple “calories in, calories out” formula.  The real reason we exercise is to take beautiful care of our miraculous bodies!  And when we do a little bit every single day – rather than a “lotta bit” every once in a while, or even a little bit too much too often – we can reap all of the health benefits, and none of the difficult side effects (like injury, burnout, over stress and yes, fat storage!)

The fact is, you can lose weight without exercising AT ALL, so choose gentle, moderate workouts – like the ones in my 31-day WALK Off the Weight series, that starts TOMORROW! – as a gift to yourself.


Your body can only go where your mind goes first, so learning to pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself, what you believe and what you don’t believe is the real secret sauce for effective, permanent weight loss.

You guys, you don’t have to do ANY of this alone!  I have tons of resources for you and could literally talk about weight loss all day long, but start here:  

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK, and let’s get started on finding a peaceful weight for your beautiful menopausal body.


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Everything you need to know about losing weight at 50 and beyond