Five Steps to Fitness RESULTS 30 Minute Walk + Run Workout

Five Steps to Fitness RESULTS

Of course you want FITNESS RESULTS – weight loss, better running, or non-stop energy – but how do you get ’em? I know you’ve been searching on the internet and quizzing your successful friends, but for some reason, the results you want are still eluding you.

So, let’s talk about it. And Let’s RUN.

Of course you want FITNESS RESULTS - weight loss, better running, or non-stop energy - but how do you get 'em? Let's talk about it, and Let's RUN!

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Here are five simple (but not easy!) steps that can take you anywhere you want to go with your fitness:

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  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. This step is deceptive! Of course you know what you want, right? But maybe only kind of? Or maybe it changes? Or maybe it feels too hard sometimes? Yeah. You need to KNOW.
    Suggested podcast listening, “How to Get What you WANT”:
  2. QUANTIFY IT. Yes, with numbers! Like scale numbers, or race times or jeans sizes. If you don’t quantify your results, you’ll literally never get them.
  3. IDENTIFY THE “REASONS” WHY YOU CAN’T HAVE IT. This is where we really start dealing with the mindset issues, and in all likelihood, there’s quite a few lurking in there. Bring these “reasons” to light, so you can understand them and then get rid of them!
    Suggested podcast listening, “How to Stop Negative Self Talk”:
  4. MAKE A PLAN. Possibly with an expert, like me!
    Suggested reading, “Work with Me”:
  5. FOLLOW THROUGH. We all try to start here, but this is actually the last step in the process! And, tbh, it continually includes the other four steps in a cyclic process.

During our conversation today, we’ll go for a terrific WALK + RUN with intervals of one minute (walking) and 30 seconds (running). Feel free to use the intervals in whatever way feels best for YOU.

Thanks for WALKING + RUNNING with me today – be sure to share the video or podcast with your friends!

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