45 Minute BEGINNER Weight Loss Workout | All Standing CARDIO + Dumbbell STRENGTH METCON Routine

I have the best YouTube subscribers!  Seriously.  I read the comments on other people’s videos sometimes and I’m just amazed at how rude and mean some viewers can be.  And maybe it’s because my channel is still so small, but so far the comments that I’ve received have all been super nice and friendly and enthusiastic about the workouts.  I think I’ve gotten maybe two that I would put in the category of “constructive criticism,” and one or two that were borderline odd or creepy.  Out of well over a thousand comments total?  I think that’s pretty awesome.

Case in point:  a week or so ago, I got the idea for this terrific workout because of a comment left by one of my Killer Bs, scorpiomoonbeam.  She (at least, I totally assumed it’s a she, and I’m going to feel bad if it’s a guy!) told me that she loved the MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning – workouts, but had to modify them a lot and asked me if I could pretty please design one for a person with limitations due to carrying substantial weight.

Yes.  Yes, I can.

And here it is!  🙂  This MetCon workout uses the same style as my others – timed cardio intervals paired with untimed strength exercises that are performed for a particular number of reps in a circuit style.  For this workout, I went with a slightly shorter cardio interval and chose exercises that are low impact and can be done from either a standing position or using an elevated surface, to eliminate the awkward transition from floor to standing.  The strength exercises are challenging, but can also use the elevated surface (in the video, I use a kitchen chair) to assist with balance and core.

Watch the full length video below to get form tips or follow along in real time, or print out the breakdown here to take this workout on the go.

Full Body METCON Workout for BEGINNERS Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

45 Minute BEGINNER Weight Loss Workout | All Standing CARDIO + Dumbbell STRENGTH METCON Routine

Choose a pair of dumbbells that is heavy enough to challenge you, but light enough to complete three rounds of this circuit with good form.  Set your timer for 30-second intervals – cardio is performed for 30 seconds, and strength exercises are done for 10 reps.  Complete the circuit 3x.  (The video below also includes a dynamic warm up – 30 seconds each of Arm Circles, Arm Crossers, High Knees and Booty Kickers – and some cool down stretching.  You are welcome to do your own warm up and cool down exercises.)

  • Toe Tappers (cardio)
  • Press-Ups (strength)
  • Mountain Climbers using the chair (cardio)
  • Goblet Squats using the chair (strength)
  • Non-Jumping Jacks (cardio)
  • Bent Over Row + Triceps Kickback using the chair (strength)
  • Fast Feet (cardio)
  • Standing Ab Crunches (strength)
  • Burpees using the chair (cardio)
  • Drinky Birds, a/k/a Single Leg Deadlifts using the chair (strength)

Finisher:  30 second Plank Hold using the chair

Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/IGQXA7oid9s


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