What do you really want?

And why don’t you already have it?

Chances are, you’ve been doing things the same ol’, same ol’ for a long while now.

It’s exhausting to stay stuck in old habits and familiar ways, when what you really want is to break free and live the life you know you’re meant to have.

Maybe you dream of walking confidently into any room, sitting easily and worry-free on any chair, crossing your legs without thinking about it, playing with your grandkids on the floor, running a 5k, or fitting into those jeans you’ve kept in the back of your closet for years.

You can absolutely do any of those things.

But getting un-stuck from your current life is going to require you to take a good hard look at your current results, and put in the work to get something different for yourself.

To think differently, which will cause you to feel differently.

Which will drive you to act differently.

So you can get different results from yourself.

Maybe you feel like you’ve already tried everything and nothing will work for you. But you know what?

Mindset coaching works.

Daily accountability works.

The Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability Facebook group works.

Here’s how:

  • PERSONAL ATTENTION. Get answers to your burning questions, or clarifying conversations when you need them.
  • GUIDED GOAL-SETTING. Weekly LIVE coaching sessions (via Zoom) designed to help you find and focus on the tasks that move the needle.
  • DAILY CHECK-INS. Accountability reminders to keep your goal top-of-mind.
  • SMALL GROUP SUPPORT. The private Facebook group is only open to members who are serious about making things happen.
  • EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES. Audio files, videos and LIVE sessions not available anywhere else.

For $79 per month, YOU can be on your way to living your best life.

Clicking the button below is the first step to the BEST of your life – it will take you to PayPal, where you’ll sign up securely for your recurring monthly subscription. The first two weeks are free, so you can check it out without risk! (Once your subscription profile is complete, you’ll be given instructions for joining the Facebook group, including the secret code you’ll need for admittance.)

Pahla B Fitness

Meet your coach + best fitness friend, Pahla B

Hey, Killer B! I’m Pahla B, certified personal trainer, fitness YouTuber, 16-time ultramarathoner, certified Life and Weight Loss coach and (maybe most importantly) a girl with GOALS who didn’t used to be that way.

It took me years of struggle and frustration to figure out for myself what I can teach you quickly: a proven process for setting, planning and smashing any goal you can dream of.

We’ll come at it from all angles with practical, scientific fitness information, habit-creation psychological principles, and powerful mindset shifts.

I’m so glad to have you join me in this group! Let’s get your GOAL!