Exercises for Pelvic Prolapse - Do these Five Minutes Every Day

HELP for your PELVIC PROLAPSE (simple exercises!) | 5 Minute Friday FIX workout

Here's The Scoop

Your pelvic floor muscles affect EVERYTHING you do, and strengthening them is simple. The exercises in this video are gentle enough for any fitness level.
HELP for your PROLAPSE 5-Minute Friday FIX workout

All the Details

Hey, Killer Bs, let’s talk about your PELVIC PROLAPSE! ? I know, right? But seriously, here’s the scoop: prolapse (and other common issues like low back pain and incontinence) is caused by weak pelvic floor muscles.

In fact, your pelvic floor muscles are related to EVERYTHING you do, so strengthening them is vital to your overall health.

Thankfully, it’s also surprisingly simple and takes just five minutes a day. Pelvic floor muscles are part of your deep core stabilizers, which means that when they’re strong, your whole body can get stronger. (Plus, you know, your organs can stay where they belong…)

The easy floor exercises in this video are gentle enough for any fitness level.

Exercises to Heal Pelvic Prolapse

Exercises to heal your pelvic prolapse

KEY FACTS you NEED to know about pelvic prolapse and how these exercises can help you heal:

? TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR about the specifics of your pelvic prolapse. This video is general information, and your case might have really specific exercises you should or shouldn’t do.

? YES, THESE EXERCISES CAN HEAL your pelvic prolapse and help you return to normal activity when you are super, super, super consistent with them. Pelvic prolapse has an 80% non-surgical recovery rate.

? These exercises should be done DAILY. Every. Single. Day. No excuses, no exceptions.

? You won’t see or feel results for a while. THREE to SIX WEEKS is the minimum time before you might notice changes and many women take as long as three to six MONTHS. Don’t get discouraged! Keep at it!

? EVERYBODY can benefit from doing these pelvic floor strengthening exercises, even women who haven’t had a prolapse.

? PROLAPSE EXERCISES can also help you with SCIATICA, LOW BACK PAIN, PELVIC PAIN, INCONTINENCE and POOR BALANCE. (Yes, those are all related issues and can all be aided by strengthening your deep pelvic core muscles.)

? There’s no way to overtrain your pelvic floor muscles – you can do these exercises several times a day.

? Do you want me to go there? I’ll go there. These exercises can also improve… other parts of your life. In the bedroom.

There is literally no downside to getting on the ground and doing this quick workout every single day. Your body will thank you for it!

Follow along with me in real time with this very quick full-length video.

Can’t see the workout? Click here to watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/kRp4R3iCh9k


Kegel Squeeze with Knee Raise (supine position)
Kegel Squeeze with Glute Bridge (supine position)
Kegel Squeeze with Back Half of Pointer Dog (hands + knees position)

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Love, Pahla
HELP for your PROLAPSE 5-Minute Friday FIX workout

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