LOSE Menopausal Belly Fat (Exercises for Women over 50)

How to LOSE Menopause BELLY FAT – And BANISH It Forever!

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Wanna know how to lose MENOPAUSAL BELLY FAT and keep it off forever? It's simpler than you think, and I've got four exercises and tips for you!

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If you’re ready to lose MENOPAUSAL BELLY FAT and keep it off forever, I’ve got a couple of truth bombs💣 about the habits you have that are causing the problem, plus some fantastic resources with exercises that will help. (Don’t wanna read? Skip to the bottom of the page and watch the quick video instead!)

These exercises DON’T help you burn belly fat

Exercises and tips on how to lose menopausal belly fat without crunches

We’re getting this out of the way right away: abdominal exercises don’t burn belly fat. Let me be clear — I love abdominal exercises, and I am definitely not telling you not to do them. In fact, I have some great ab workouts that are perfect for helping you to strengthen and even flatten the appearance of your belly. But they’re not going to help you burn belly fat, because your body simply doesn’t burn fat from one specific area at a time. It takes the fat where it needs to. Your body is gonna do what your body is gonna do as far as fat storage and fat-burning are concerned. Your body has a very complex system of how it takes in and stores fuel and then uses it later. Simply doing one specific kind of exercise is not going to make your body burn fat from that area.

Your workouts might be CAUSING your belly fat

What? I know, it’s the opposite of everything you’ve ever heard, but here’s the truth: during and after menopause, your workouts aren’t giving you the same benefits as they used to. All these years, estrogen has been regulating your periods, but it has also been helping your muscles recover after hard workouts. All exercise is a stress on your body, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s how your body adapts and gets better and stronger. But that when you’re not recovering, then you’re not actually adapting and getting better and stronger. Instead, you’re staying in a chronically stressed state, which will cause your body to store fat. Specifically, belly fat.

The 5-0 Method can help you lose weight

If you have weight to lose from your belly, then what you want to do is just lose weight, the same way that we would lose any kind of weight — from your arms, legs, belly, butt, or wherever. Any kind of overweight that you have can all be lost the same way. There’s nothing special that you need to do because it’s belly fat, so you’ll just do the same five things that you would do if you were losing weight. You’ll eat the right number of calories, you’ll drink the right amount of water, you’ll get enough sleep, you’ll exercise moderately, and you’ll manage your mindset for stress. The 5-0 Method is a FREE download with everything you need to lose weight over age 50.

Managing stress is the real key to losing menopausal belly fat

Probably the most important thing that you can know about belly fat, is that managing the stress in your life is the way to banish it forever. I know that got things in your life that are stressful — your job, your elderly parents, your pets, and more. And here’s what to do: get all of those thoughts out of your head and onto paper so that you see that it’s your thoughts that are causing stress for you. My friends, getting rid of mental stress is truly as simple as journaling. When you take care of your stress, your body (and belly fat) will take care of itself.

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