INDOOR RUNNING Boot Camp HIIT with a Dumbbell | 25 Minute Total Body Workout at Home

You know what I enjoy more than a boot camp workout?

A boot camp workout that includes running and a dumbbell and takes less than 30 minutes!  Boom!

And bonus points if it’s some kind of progressive workout that gets harder as you go, because I love it when that happens.  Seriously.  I don’t know if that’s a “getting older” thing, but I’ve noticed lately that I really, really like ladder workouts and I think it’s because I need a good long time to warm up and get in the groove of a workout.

Ladder protocols, in case you haven’t done a workout like this before, means that the workout “adds on” in some manner.  I’ve done ladder workouts where each round gets longer time-wise, or where each round adds another exercise or another rep.  Really, there are so many possibilities with ladders!

For today’s ladder HIIT, each round added another interval, like this:  Round One exercises were each performed for one interval, Round Two exercises were each performed for two intervals, and Round Three exercises were each performed for three intervals.  Believe me, it got really sweaty by Round Three!

You’ll need one dumbbell and an interval timer to set up this BEGINNER-FRIENDLY workout for yourself.  I rated this one Beginner + because the intervals are somewhat long at 40 seconds, and the fact that there is quite a bit of running – other than that, the strength exercises are fairly straightforward and there’s not too much getting up and down off the ground or work in the plank position.

Indoor Running Boot Camp HIIT with Dumbbell Strength - Home Workout from Pahla B Fitness

Here’s the breakdown:

INDOOR RUNNING Boot Camp HIIT with a Dumbbell | 25 Minute Total Body Workout at Home

Set your timer for intervals of 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Untimed Warm Up (approximately one minute of each):

  • Elbow Swings with Booty Kickers
  • Rainbow Jacks

Round One (perform each exercise for one work interval):

  • Running, Walking or Jogging
  • X Marks the Spot (with dumbbell)
  • Single Leg Squat and Press (with dumbbell, one interval on each side)

Round Two (perform each exercise for two work intervals):

  • Running
  • Sumo Squat (with dumbbell)
  • Oblique Crunch and Press (with dumbbell, two intervals on each side)

Round Three (perform each exercise for three work intervals):

  • Running
  • Russian Twists (with dumbbell)
  • Renegade Rows (with dumbbell)

Finisher (perform this pair four times in a row with no rest):

  • 40 seconds of Running + 10 seconds of Sprinting

Having trouble seeing the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

I’m a little sad that there’s only one more workout for #MarathonMarch, but at the same time I’m getting pretty excited about next month’s theme!  I’ll be announcing the theme and giving 2016 goal updates and other channel news later this week!

Love Pahla


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