30 Day No Jumping Jump Start Workout Program from Pahla B Fitness

Introducing… The 30 Day NO JUMPING Jump Start | Level ONE Workout Program

Something new and exciting for my Level ONE Killer Bs!

I get a LOT of questions from viewers about the best way to put together a training program when you’re brand new to fitness, and I have a secret to share with you:  there’s no real magic to the combination of strength or cardio or HIIT or whatnot.  The secret is consistency!

And the best way to be consistent?

Do workouts you ENJOY, that make you feel CONFIDENT, and meet you at your current level of ABILITY.

Because when you love the exercise and it makes you feel great, it’ll be EASY to do!

And that’s why I’ve put together this FUN collection of quick (10-20 minutes each) and simple (no jumping, no equipment, no transitions to the ground) workouts in a handy 30 Day (NO JUMPING) Jump Start!

No guessing, no worrying, no figuring it out on your own – this easy-to-download and easy to use eBook has clickable links that take you directly to the full-length workout on YouTube.  Plus, there’s a printable calendar so you can mark off the days and really SEE your progress!


I made you a little video, so you can check out some snippets from the videos, get a glimpse of the contents of the eBook and learn more about the program – check it out below!

Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/zqmUDMRpK4w

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