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It’s Okay, You’re Doing Enough

The funny thing about the abundance of motivational quotes that are readily available everywhere you go on the internet is that they’re totally motivational.  Right up until they’re not.  If you’re already feeling pretty pumped up and ready to go, it’s awesome to spot one of those photos with somebody’s chiseled abs and a couple of well-placed words of wisdom.  Because then you’re all like, “Yeah!  I got this!  Let’s go!”

But if – in the far more likely scenario – you’re wasting time on Facebook or Tumblr because you are currently lacking the motivation to get up and work out, those fitspo moti-quotes sort of make you feel like a loser.  “Go hard or go home?  Well, I’m already at home, so…”

Here’s the thing:  stop thinking it’s all or nothing.  The people in those photos with the amazing abs might be the only people in the world who have a super-charged workout every single day.  But I’m actually willing to bet that even they struggle some days.  Working out takes time that you would rather spend doing something else (or maybe doing nothing at all).  It takes effort that you would rather spend on something else (or nothing at all).  It takes dedication and motivation that maybe you’re not feeling right now.  And that’s okay!

The trick is to be on board with whatever you’re doing, even if it doesn’t seem like much.  Yes, there are people training harder than you right now, but you’re not competing with them, you’re just doing what you can.  It’s enough.  When you want to do more, do more.  Start slow.  Maybe even stay slow, who cares?  But keep going, and you’ll find that every step you take is just that:  another step in the right direction.  Good for you!

Wanna get started, but you’re worried that a workout is going to be crazy hard?

Start here:  It’s enough.

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