Step-by-step exercise programs to help you meet any goal

Find the fitness program that suits your needs and fuels your motivation here!  These comprehensive workout programs start where you are, build the foundation of consistency, and take your fitness to the next level.  The daily workouts are chosen for you and there's lots of friendly coaching along the way to help you get the most out of each program.

Curated from my free YouTube videos and laid out in a straightforward calendar form, these plans have everything you need to see real changes in your body and fitness in a short amount of time.

(Click the image for more info about these easy-to-use eBooks.  Each one includes a comprehensive plan with clickable links to the free, follow-along workouts on YouTube and LOTS of motivation and support from me!  Please note:  these are not DVDs or downloads.  You will need an internet connection to use the programs.)

Want CHOICES with your workouts?  Then you want Flexibly FIT, the workout program for indoor runners that changes every time you use it!
Learn to RUN at HOME, comprehensive 12-week indoor WALKING + RUNNING workout program for beginners
BODY SHAPER:  Balance, a beautifully balanced 6-week exercise program perfect for women over 50
BODY SHAPER: Cardio Lover, an endorphin-filled 6-week exercise program for women over 50
BODY SHAPER: Strength Lover, a muscle-building dream for women over 50 who enjoy picking up heavy things and putting them back down.